New York Linux Scene


December 5th Agenda

Brooklyn Marriott Hotel

Meeting time: 6:30 PM

The December 5th meeting of NYLXS is a critical meeting to the formation and future development of the organization. Three key missions need to be achieved at this session to promote the future health of NYLXS. Those who expect to attend are being asked to focus on the achievement of these goals prior to working or adding any new agenda items to be worked on or debated.

The December 5th meeting is open to the general public and will be run with a loose subset of Rodgers Rules of Order. It is intended to achieve our goals quickly and with efficiency. As such, we are having what amounts to two sessions at this meeting. The fist session is from 6:30 - 7:30 PM in the Lounge on the second floor main lobby. During this session, no formal action is to be taken and the agenda can be discussed and issues aired out over beers and sodas. This is and the mailing list are the times and places for consensus building and politicking. At 7:30 PM formal meeting is to take place. A chair will be chosen by me, Ruben I Safir, or I will appoint myself as chair. We will then proceed through the agenda as swiftly as possible to finish formal business until 10:00 PM. At 10:00, or there about, the formal meeting will end and we will begin our celebration of our newly drafted board and committees.

The Agenda is as follows:

Appointment of our preliminary board positions. The following positions will be filled:

Last meeting we obtained a preliminary list of candidates for positions, and we will present a revised version of this on the mail list and at the meeting. This board is to be empowered for 3 months at which time our first elections are to be held. An exact date for this event will be decided on at the meeting.

After appointment of the board, our permanent committees will be appointed chairs. Most of the action of NYLXS takes place in the committees. For the record, the current proposed Constitution is located on the mailing list at . The current permanent committees which need to be filled are as follows:

In addition to these standing committees which must be manned by Board Officers, several adhoc committees are to be formed, to include, but not limited to a committee to oversee the running of the web site, a committee on fund raising, and a committee on real estate to oversee ad guild our goals to obtaining permanent housing.

The newly formed board will then review the current proposed constitution and amend it according to suggestions of those at the meeting. And then finally, membership dues will be set by the board and official memberships will start to be taken.

I'd like to note that this will be the last meeting where non members will be allowed to make major decisions about the group. Next month membership will vote on the constitution and the we will precede from there.

The board will then review a good date for our next inservice to be presented by Terry Schmidt, the President of NY Wireless, on wireless networking and Free Software, to be given sometime in mid-December.

Lastly, I will address the group about the road map for NYLXS, and the real benefits of membership. It will be my one and only NYLXS speech.