December 2015

Artificial Intelligence: Expert Systems with CLIPS and Free Software

LIU/Brooklyn Artifical Intelligence

Problem Description

When it comes to fishing EVERYONE wants the inside scoop, making an expert system perhaps very useful.

Black Fish or Tautog - Fall and Cold Water Fish. Favorite fish in local water. Fun to catch, taste great.

Blue Fish World Migrants - around all year - good fighters, not that tasty

Cod Fish - Staple of Generations of East Coast Households. Numbers greatly diminished and now regulated and even closed in New England

Black Sea Bass: Perhaps the best eating fish in local waters. Very abundant in NY due to conservation efforts, but under close watch by the federal government, especially in southern states. I've seen them sold for $22 a pound in the Union Square Green Market.

Fluke - Very popular, and live close to shore making them inexpensive to fish for when in season.

Striped bass are the queens of the NY Fishing scene. They fill a niche similar to Salmon in other places, traveling up and down the Hudson River, and Chesapeake Bay is large runs. Not legal to keep in Federal Waters. They are closely watched and currently have a limit of one fish a trip, over 28 inches long. This was the fall run a few seasons ago. When news gets out that Stripers are on the run, boats are filled and everyone is happy for a few days.

A prized catch of Striped Bass that fed the family for a few days.

Huge Porgy - known as Scups, are the backbone of the NYC fishing fleet.

When Scup are around they are fun to catch and can be gotten by the buckets.
Along with these, I don't cover popular fish that are rarer in our harbor, but still popular to include Winter Flounder, Lemon Sole, Herring, Mackerel, Weakfish, and a variety of Tuna which show up from time to time.

This is a prototype system which can be substantially expanded and improved on.