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DATE 2017-02-01


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I took a trip this weekend and collected magazine to read including the
MIT review when i ran across this article. We've worked these issues
before so this article is of interest and I'd like to talk about this
and send a rational feedback from NYLXS

The Unacceptable Persistence of the Digital Divide

Millions of Americans lack broadband access and computer skills. Can
President Trump bring them into the digital economy?

by David Talbot December 16, 2016

Most homes in the United States have Internet service, but they don=E2=80=
=99t in
the poor parts of Cleveland and nearby suburbs. A survey in 2012 showed
that 58 percent of the area=E2=80=99s households with incomes under $20,000=
neither home broadband nor mobile Internet access, often because of the
cost. Another 10 percent had a mobile phone but no home broadband. Until
recently, one such household was a ground-floor two-=C2=ADbedroom apartment
in a public housing project called Outhwaite Homes, where a circumspect
13-year-old girl named Ma=E2=80=99Niyah Larry lives with her mother, Marcel=

Ma=E2=80=99Niyah has a special-education plan for math; to help her, she=E2=
=80=99s been
assigned problems to do online through Khan Academy. But her mother says
she cannot afford broadband from Time Warner Cable, which would begin at
around $50 a month, even for an entry-level offering, plus modem and
taxes (and the price would rise significantly after the 12-month teaser
rate expired). The family has a smartphone, but it=E2=80=99s harder for Ma=
to use the small screen, and Marcella watches her data caps closely;
just a few hours of Khan Academy videos would blow past monthly limits.
Fast Internet access is available in a library a few blocks away, but
=E2=80=9Cit=E2=80=99s so bad down here that it=E2=80=99s not really safe to=
walk outside,=E2=80=9D
Marcella Larry says. Ma=E2=80=99Niyah=E2=80=99s bedroom, its wall decorated=
with a
feathery dream-catcher, faces a grassy courtyard where gang-related
gunfire rang out on two nights last summer, causing Ma=E2=80=99Niyah to fle=
e to
the relative safety of the living room.

There is a patchwork of attempts to deal with this problem. The region=E2=
public housing agency, the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority,
recently gave Ma=E2=80=99Niyah a tablet and a wireless hotspot in a trial
program to help close the =E2=80=9Chomework gap=E2=80=9D that=E2=80=99s ope=
ned up between kids
who have Internet-=C2=ADconnected computers at home and those who don=E2=80=
=99t. And
Marcella Larry qualifies for a discount program AT&T offers to families
that receive food subsidies: DSL service=E2=80=94far slower than what the
government defines as broadband=E2=80=94over phone lines for $5 to $10 a mo=
But it=E2=80=99s hardly a long-term solution. AT&T agreed to offer the pack=
for four years as part of its effort to win regulatory approval for its
acquisition of DirectTV.
This story is part of our January/February 2017 Issue
See the rest of the issue


What is the best way to end the digital divide?
Tell us what you think.

Marcella and Ma=E2=80=99Niyah are among the millions of people on the wrong=
of America=E2=80=99s persistent digital divide. A survey by Pew Research sh=
that fully one-third of American adults do not subscribe to any Internet
access faster than dial-up at their home at a time when many basic
tasks=E2=80=94finding job listings, doing homework, obtaining social servic=
and even performing many jobs=E2=80=94require being online. Even many peopl=
e who
are willing to pay for service can=E2=80=99t get it. Thirty-four million
Americans have no access at all to broadband as the U.S. Federal
Communications Commission defines it: a download speed of at least 25
megabits per second and an upload speed of three megabits per second.
These speeds are what FCC chairman Tom Wheeler calls =E2=80=9Ctable stakes =
21st-century communications.=E2=80=9D

People without broadband are not necessarily entirely offline: like
Marcella Larry, some of them rely on smartphones. But because of small
screens and data caps, phones are not an adequate substitute for home
broadband. Its absence in some communities is a growing problem at a
time when the jobs of the future will be increasingly digital: the
Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 500,000 information technology
jobs will be created in the next few years. Already, one in 20 American
adults is deriving some income from online =E2=80=9Cgig=E2=80=9D employment=
including ride- or home-sharing services), according to joint studies by
Microsoft Research and the Pew Research Center. Such opportunities are
only expected to grow=E2=80=94for people who have broadband access.

In Cleveland, which along with Detroit ranks among the worst-connected
cities in the nation, help is on the way for some residents. Housing
projects like the one where Marcella and Ma=E2=80=99Niyah Larry live are ab=
to benefit from an ambitious project to provide the fastest service in
the city using a combination of fiber-optic networks and a new breed of
wireless connection. But no comprehensive solution is in evidence for
these cities=E2=80=94or the nation as a whole. Despite having invented the
Internet=E2=80=99s protocols, the United States lags far behind much of the
industrialized world in available broadband speeds and affordability of
fast services=E2=80=94a problem that is particularly acute in inner cities =
rural areas. In past eras, great national efforts led to universal
electricity and telephone service. Now the nation could use an ambitious
plan to improve service, drive down costs, and expand access to children
like Ma=E2=80=99Niyah and everyone else who deserves it.

Opening doors

Of course, computers and broadband by themselves don=E2=80=99t magically le=
ad to
college degrees and better jobs. After all, much of what people do with
Internet access once they get it is hardly productive. But some of them
may not be getting the training they need to make effective use of
software and online services. And there are many correlations between
broadband access and income levels or success in finding employment. As
the White House Council of Economic Advisers says, =E2=80=9CThe digital div=
is likely both a cause and a consequence of other demographic disparities.=

When people do get broadband and computer training, their lives can
change in remarkable ways. Take Monica Moore. She=E2=80=99s a single mother=
lived in a decaying neighborhood on the east side of Cleveland and spent
more than 20 years working as a file clerk at the Cleveland Clinic. Then
three years ago came ominous news. =E2=80=9CAt work, they said everything w=
going to electronic medical records and they were going to outsource my
job,=E2=80=9D Moore, now 47, recalls. =E2=80=9COh my gosh, my job.=E2=80=9D

Moore had few computer skills and rarely used the Internet. The high
cost of service from Time Warner Cable kept her offline. But faced with
the prospect of losing her job, she steeled herself and entered a
storefront training center called the Ashbury Community Center. She
started learning software like Office and Excel, and wound up taking
online classes through the University of Phoenix. She spent evening
after evening doing that work until, in early 2016, she collected a
bachelor=E2=80=99s degree in finance. She was one of more than 6,000 people=
have received computer training over the past five years thanks to the
Ashbury Center and its partners in a nonprofit collaborative called
Connect Your Community.

Today, she=E2=80=99s still at the Cleveland Clinic=E2=80=94only she=E2=80=
=99s got a new job that
pays $20,000 more than her old one, editing and uploading digital
reports in the hospital=E2=80=99s bustling cardiac catheterization lab. =E2=
=80=9CI was
stuck 20 years in the same job due to the fact I didn=E2=80=99t have the me=
the technology,=E2=80=9D Moore says. =E2=80=9CThis opened so many doors for=
me, and I=E2=80=99m
just so thankful.=E2=80=9D While finishing her degree, she recognized the v=
of getting Internet access at home. She decided it was worth $154 a
month for a cable deal that includes high-speed access in her new home
in the suburb of South Euclid.

Fast and cheap

To solve the access problem for more low-income people, Cleveland needs
to focus on public or subsidized housing, where 50,000 of the city=E2=80=99s
375,000 inhabitants live. I took a trip to the 14th-story roof of a
public housing project named Cedar Estates with Lev Gonick, CEO of a
local nonprofit called DigitalC. We stepped out into the drizzle and
beheld a panoramic view of America=E2=80=99s industrial rise and decline. T=
o the
north was Terminal Tower, a symbol of the region=E2=80=99s onetime economic
might: the 52-story Art Deco tower was once the second-tallest building
in America. To the south, smoke rose from two steel mills that represent
the vestiges of a local industry that today employs fewer than 2,000
people, down from Cleveland=E2=80=99s steelmaking peak of 47,000. Also in s=
vacant factories and blocks of near-worthless frame houses.

Gonick pointed to St. Vincent=E2=80=99s Charity Hospital, one kilometer awa=
y. A
high-speed fiber-optic network passes through St. Vincent=E2=80=99s; built =
a 2009 federal stimulus grant, it connects institutions including at
least 800 schools, medical facilities, and government buildings in
greater Cleveland. Now the plan is to extend the network to residents in
the housing projects. Because it would cost $350,000 to run fiber from
St. Vincent=E2=80=99s to Cedar Estates and several nearby buildings, Digita=
will instead close that gap with a wireless technology costing one-tenth
as much to install: a millimeter-wave transmission system from a company
called Siklu. The new service will be able to deliver
one-gigabit-per-second connections to the building, and a bank of
servers in Cedar Estates=E2=80=99 basement telephone room will use the exis=
copper telephone network to provide broadband service to all 163 apartments.

The goal: to provide the fastest and cheapest service in the city,
completely removing the cost barrier that poor residents now face.
Gonick believes the whole project is so cheap to build that when you
throw in an FCC subsidy (called =E2=80=9Clifeline=E2=80=9D) of $9.25 per mo=
nth, all
tenants in the housing project will easily be able to afford broadband.

While delivering fast, cheap service is an end in itself, DigitalC and
partners also plan to give all tenants in the Cuyahoga Metropolitan
Housing Authority refurbished computers and training similar to what=E2=80=
offered at Ashbury. The tenants will be directed to online workforce
training schools such as Career Online High School, too. At the same
time, the government of Cuyahoga County is working to put more services
online, including workforce training, benefits enrollment, and
potentially telemedicine appointments, says Scot Rourke, chief
transformation officer for the county. =E2=80=9CWe want to do more than man=
poverty,=E2=80=9D he says. =E2=80=9CIf we have broadband, we can do more ki=
nds of
education and training. We=E2=80=99ve got to get people into jobs that will=
them the wages to get out of poverty.=E2=80=9D

Paths to such jobs exist for those who seek them. One of the new
businesses within Terminal Tower is =C2=ADWeCanCodeIt, a 12-week software
engineering boot camp for people with little experience in technology.
The program aims to equip them for jobs like building websites. One
student is Melissa Hughes, 40, who left her job as an HIV-testing
counselor in Philadelphia and is now unemployed in Cleveland. =E2=80=9CIn my
previous field there was not stability,=E2=80=9D she says. =E2=80=9CAdding =
coding skills
will give me more opportunity.=E2=80=9D

New efforts to introduce kids to coding are taking root as well. At a
recent =E2=80=9Chip-hop coding=E2=80=9D seminar organized by several academ=
institutions in a downtown office space, teachers and librarians
photographed themselves doing break-dance moves and then used Scratch,
the popular programming language and online community developed at MIT,
to design multimedia animations of their antics. Maria Trivisonno, a
librarian in the Cleveland suburb of Warrensville Heights, explained the
audience she had in mind: the kids who pour into the library after
school, looking for things to do. =E2=80=9CWe want to teach kids how to cre=
things online, not only how to find information,=E2=80=9D she said between =
moves. =E2=80=9CIf you can start kids young thinking about how to code, it =
help them as they get older.=E2=80=9D

Don=E2=80=99t be scared

While Gonick=E2=80=99s project might provide a model for cheap broadband in
public housing and for educational efforts that might help people put it
to good use, there=E2=80=99s a bigger problem to crack: how can we get more=
cheaper digital infrastructure everywhere else in the country? The key
is to stimulate competition. For example, after Google began offering
broadband on fiber-optic lines in the Kansas City area in 2012, existing
providers increased the speed of their services by 86 percent over what
it had been a year prior=E2=80=94the largest increase in the country at the
time, according to Akamai Technologies.

But Cleveland has no such luck. It has only two companies providing
service=E2=80=94Time Warner Cable and AT&T=E2=80=94and the latter doesn=E2=
=80=99t compete very
strongly. AT&T doesn=E2=80=99t offer most of the city anything close to wha=
t the
FCC considers broadband, and some streets can still only get dial-up
service from the company.

The situation is perhaps worse in rural areas. Drive an hour east of
Cleveland and you reach the community of Andover, flanking the
Pennsylvania border. Much of the region has only slow DSL from
CenturyLink. =E2=80=9CThey claim it=E2=80=99s =E2=80=98high speed,=E2=80=99=
but downloading things
literally takes minutes,=E2=80=9D says Cindy Schwenk, a retiree who works p=
time at the Andover Public Library. When she=E2=80=99s there, she can use W=
to download things on her smartphone in just seconds because the
building, unlike residences in the area, has a fast connection from a
state library consortium. People sometimes sit in their cars outside the
building after hours to get online.

The Andover area relies economically on part-time residents who vacation
at nearby Pymatuning Lake. But other areas without such draws may get
left behind in an increasingly digital economy.

How can we jump-start competition in these places? One model is
emerging: let local governments find partners to build out the basic
fiber-optic infrastructure, or at least the empty conduit that can carry
fiber underground, and then let service providers compete for customers
over such networks (or pull fiber through the conduit, as the case may
be). That=E2=80=99s what a few cities are doing, including the aerospace me=
of Huntsville, Alabama. In this case, what=E2=80=99s going on in Huntsville
isn=E2=80=99t rocket science. The city is building the basic fiber
infrastructure, known as =E2=80=9Cdark fiber=E2=80=9D; Google will =E2=80=
=9Clight=E2=80=9D the fiber and
provide the service. In Ammon, Idaho, the city built a fiber network and
let private service providers duke it out. Now customers can use a Web
interface to switch providers in a few seconds. No need for the
company-specific cable or optical networking boxes that are common in
homes across the country.

-- =

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  35. 2017-02-06 Gabor Szabo <gabor-at-szabgab.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] [Perlweekly] #289 - FOSDEM is over, blog posts?
  36. 2017-02-06 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] , can you provide the addresses of those locations
  37. 2017-02-06 Ruben Safir <mrbrklyn-at-panix.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] , can you provide the addresses of those
  38. 2017-02-06 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] what is important in the digital divide
  39. 2017-02-06 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] paper ramulens work for us all
  40. 2017-02-06 Ruben Safir <mrbrklyn-at-panix.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] what is important in the digital divide
  41. 2017-02-07 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] ,
  42. 2017-02-06 Ruben Safir <ruben.safir-at-my.liu.edu> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] , can you provide the addresses of those
  43. 2017-02-07 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] , locations for group meetings;
  44. 2017-02-08 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Justine Bateman
  45. 2017-02-08 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] criminal stream of video
  46. 2017-02-08 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Phone Wars
  47. 2017-02-08 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Apple wants direct access to your GPU through the
  48. 2017-02-08 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Microsofts new stratergy to beat linux
  49. 2017-02-08 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] moving to Arizona
  50. 2017-02-08 Ruben Safir <mrbrklyn-at-panix.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Hans Rosling: Data visionary and educator dies aged
  51. 2017-02-07 IEEE Computer Society <csconnection-at-computer.org> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] =?utf-8?q?Hear_from_Top_Execs_from_Raytheon=2C_Mi?=
  52. 2017-02-07 James E Keenan <jkeen-at-verizon.net> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] ny.pm tech meeting next Monday;
  53. 2017-02-08 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Future Communications
  54. 2017-02-08 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] =?utf-8?q?Fwd=3A_Hear_from_Top_Execs_from_Raytheo?=
  55. 2017-02-08 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] ,
  56. 2017-02-08 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Phone Wars
  57. 2017-02-08 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] How to become a president of a small African
  58. 2017-02-09 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] ,
  59. 2017-02-09 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Microsofts new stratergy to beat linux | | I
  60. 2017-02-09 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] ,
  61. 2017-02-06 Wayne Callahan <callahans2-at-msn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] [dinosaur] ISPH 2017
  62. 2017-02-09 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] ,
  63. 2017-02-09 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] ,
  64. 2017-02-09 Ruben Safir <ruben.safir-at-my.liu.edu> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Microsofts new stratergy to beat linux | | I
  65. 2017-02-09 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Microsoft's new strategy to beat linux | |
  66. 2017-02-09 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Gtk and C++ reference
  67. 2017-02-09 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] =?utf-8?q?Fwd=3A_An_Evening_for_Educators_with_Dr?=
  68. 2017-02-09 ruben <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] History of the Talmud
  69. 2017-02-09 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] anyone know what is this
  70. 2017-02-09 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] anyone know what is this
  71. 2017-02-09 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Fwd: Innovation, opportunities & Israel's future
  72. 2017-02-10 ruben <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] anyone know what is this
  73. 2017-02-10 ruben <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] anyone know what is this
  74. 2017-02-10 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] anyone know what is this
  75. 2017-02-09 Paul Robert Marino <prmarino1-at-gmail.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Microsofts new stratergy to beat linux | | I
  76. 2017-02-10 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Microsofts new stratergy to beat linux | | ...
  77. 2017-02-10 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Fwd: [Accu-contacts] Software engineer position
  78. 2017-02-10 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Compiler Papers
  79. 2017-02-10 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Guess this painting!!
  80. 2017-02-10 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Shabbat Shalom!
  81. 2017-02-10 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Guess this painting!!
  82. 2017-02-10 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Microsofts new stratergy to beat linux | | ...
  83. 2017-02-10 Paul Robert Marino <prmarino1-at-gmail.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Microsofts new stratergy to beat linux | | ...
  84. 2017-02-10 Ruben Safir <ruben.safir-at-my.liu.edu> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Microsofts new stratergy to beat linux | | I
  85. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Tech News - Honeypots
  86. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] more on honeypots
  87. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Internet of things DDOS threat
  88. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Hackers and Honepots
  89. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Mozilla and DRM
  90. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] WebRTC coding in html5
  91. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] WebRTC coding in html5
  92. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] vim and the free software world
  93. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Robotics
  94. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Researchers use artificial neural network to
  95. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] power grids in peril
  96. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] New Neuronet theory
  97. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Linguistics
  98. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Guess this painting!!
  99. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] lions and tigers and snow leopards
  100. 2017-02-11 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Movie of the Week
  101. 2017-02-10 Paul Robert Marino <prmarino1-at-gmail.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Microsofts new stratergy to beat linux | | I
  102. 2017-02-12 ruben <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] anyone know what is this
  103. 2017-02-12 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] anyone know what is this
  104. 2017-02-12 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] fellowship positition
  105. 2017-02-12 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] aptget
  106. 2017-02-12 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Trump Economics and Lou Costello teaches about a
  107. 2017-02-12 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Guess this painting!!
  108. 2017-02-12 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Name the artist and the work..
  109. 2017-02-13 Gabor Szabo <gabor-at-szabgab.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] [Perlweekly] #290 - Interview at FOSDEM
  110. 2017-02-01 Dirk Jagdmann <doj-at-cubic.org> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Passing encrypted base64 encoded value via href
  111. 2017-02-13 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Guess this painting!!
  112. 2017-02-13 ruben <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Guess this painting!!
  113. 2017-02-13 Ruben Safir <mrbrklyn-at-panix.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Guess this painting!!
  114. 2017-02-13 Ruben Safir <mrbrklyn-at-panix.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Guess this painting!!
  115. 2017-02-13 ISOC-NY announcements <announce-at-lists.isoc-ny.org> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS]
  116. 2017-02-13 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Patent Trolls Delux
  117. 2017-02-13 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Microsofts new stratergy to beat linux | | I
  118. 2017-02-13 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Fwd: [isoc-ny] Fwd: EVENT TONIGHT: The Internet of
  119. 2017-02-13 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Fwd: [isoc-ny] Fwd: EVENT TONIGHT: The Internet
  120. 2017-02-13 Ruben Safir <mrbrklyn-at-panix.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Fwd: [isoc-ny] Fwd: EVENT TONIGHT: The Internet
  121. 2017-02-13 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Guess this painting!!
  122. 2017-02-13 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Geological floods
  123. 2017-02-13 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Amature Radio
  124. 2017-02-13 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Amature Radio
  125. 2017-02-13 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Artificial Intelligence Gets Aggressive Without
  126. 2017-02-14 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Geological floods
  127. 2017-02-14 From: "American Museum of Natural History" <mat-at-amnh.org> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Tomorrow Is The Last Day for MAT Applications
  128. 2017-02-14 From: "IEEE The Institute"<tialert-at-ieee.org> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] The Institute Online: Can Amazon's Echo Device Help
  129. 2017-02-14 Charlotte Danes <charlotted-at-schoolingadvisor.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] NYLXS - The Free Software Institute
  130. 2017-02-15 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Just a reminder
  131. 2017-02-15 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society <noreply-at-embs.org> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] EMBC Paper Submission DEADLINE is
  132. 2017-02-15 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] aptget
  133. 2017-02-15 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] aptget
  134. 2017-02-16 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] aptget
  135. 2017-02-16 ruben <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] chew on this
  136. 2017-02-16 ruben <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Next Picute
  137. 2017-02-16 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Next Picture
  138. 2017-02-16 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] aptget
  139. 2017-02-16 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] aptget
  140. 2017-02-16 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Next Picture
  141. 2017-02-16 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Fwd: Sherry
  142. 2017-02-16 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Name the Artist and the Work
  143. 2017-02-16 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] aptget: | | it was not wasted !
  144. 2017-02-16 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] aptget: | | RS: I thought you were an OpenSuse
  145. 2017-02-16 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] aptget: | | RS: I thought you were an OpenSuse
  146. 2017-02-16 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] aptget: | | RS: . Audience was about 70% male (
  147. 2017-02-16 Ruben Safir <mrbrklyn-at-panix.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Next Picture
  148. 2017-02-16 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Next Picture
  149. 2017-02-16 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] Next Picture
  150. 2017-02-16 ISOC-NY announcements <announce-at-lists.isoc-ny.org> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] [isoc-ny] WEBCAST TONIGHT: The Future of Digital
  151. 2017-02-17 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Living with NASA
  152. 2017-02-17 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] The MTA is so fucked up
  153. 2017-02-17 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] The MTA is so f****d up | | Join the MTA and
  154. 2017-02-17 ruben <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Fwd: [isoc-ny] WEBCAST TONIGHT: The Future of
  155. 2017-02-17 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] aptget: | | it was not wasted !
  156. 2017-02-19 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] (forw) QA & Tech Support Engineer (NYC)
  157. 2017-02-20 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Duplicity (2009 film)
  158. 2017-02-20 Gabor Szabo <gabor-at-szabgab.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] [Perlweekly] #291 - FOSDEM videos
  159. 2017-02-20 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] movie of the week
  160. 2017-02-21 ruben <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] technologywith fossils
  161. 2017-02-22 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] exo-planets
  162. 2017-02-22 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] in other news
  163. 2017-02-22 Nicholas Rodin <nikbbwil-at-icloud.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] in other news
  164. 2017-02-22 Ruben Safir <mrbrklyn-at-panix.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] in other news
  165. 2017-02-22 Ruben Safir <mrbrklyn-at-panix.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] in other news
  166. 2017-02-22 James E Keenan <jkeen-at-verizon.net> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] February social meeting
  167. 2017-02-23 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] | | | Nick: You cannot be removed without
  168. 2017-02-23 Nicholas Rodin <nikbbwil-at-icloud.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] | | | Nick: You cannot be removed without
  169. 2017-02-23 From: "Mancini, Sabin (DFS)" <Sabin.Mancini-at-dfs.ny.gov> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] | | | Nick: I get way TOO many emails TO both
  170. 2017-02-23 Nicholas Rodin <nikbbwil-at-icloud.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] | | | Nick: I get way TOO many emails TO both
  171. 2017-02-23 Ruben Safir <mrbrklyn-at-panix.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] | | | Nick: I get way TOO many emails TO both
  172. 2017-02-23 Rick Moen <rick-at-linuxmafia.com> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] | | | Nick: I get way TOO many emails TO both
  173. 2017-02-24 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] decision making tree for a euler walk
  174. 2017-02-24 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society <noreply-at-embs.org> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Your EMB Weekly Newsletter is HERE!!!!
  175. 2017-02-28 Ruben Safir <ruben-at-mrbrklyn.com> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] Peer Review
  176. 2017-02-27 James E Keenan <jkeen-at-verizon.net> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] February social meeting + upcoming
  177. 2017-02-28 From: "IEEE The Institute"<tialert-at-ieee.org> Subject: [Hangout-NYLXS] The Institute Online: Straight Out of Sci-Fi,
  178. 2017-02-28 Don Brinkman <Don.Brinkman-at-gov.ab.ca> Re: [Hangout-NYLXS] visit

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