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CURRENT CLASSES See the New Offerings including Open Office and Shell Scripting Below!!

The Free Software Institute
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NYLXS believes in empowerment through knowledge, and makes a large selection of classes available to the public in an effort to make Free Software more accessible to everyone. While making inexpensive classes available to all, NYLXS offers programs by the best GNU/Linux Instructors in town, who give their time and energy for the public benefit. From desktop usage to advanced networking administration, The Free Software Institute carefully lays out the path for a bright future in Free Software usage and development. It's our greatest hope that those who learn to use Free Software through our series of programs will soon enter the world, and the workplace, as the greatest ambassadors for Free Software by demonstrating the empowerment it brings to individuals and businesses.

Sample AI project - How to fish smarter
Summer NYLXS learning Activity
Entering into this summer NYLXS will be sponsoring the Hacking and Learning Schedule to fill your summer with GNU/Linux education and sharing

Currently Meetings will take place in the NYLXS Office which will likely be moving as arrangments can be made.

1580 East 19th Street
Brooklyn, NY 1E

B Train to Kings Highway (25 minutes from 42nd Street)

Monday Evening 6:30PM - 9:30PM
The Study of Artificial Intelligence

Textbook: Artificial Intelligence – Structures and Strategies for
Complex Problem
Solving, Sixth Edition, George F. Luger, ISBN-13:978-0-321-54589-3, Addision
Wesley, 2009.

and it will be using CLIPS


Notes on AI from Kent State
MIT Program on AI

Tuesday: 6:30 - 9:30
Kernel Hacking and working :

Welcome to the Eudyptula Challenge!
This "challenge" is a series of Linux kernel programming exercises starting out small, and in the end, if all goes well, you'll be the maintainer of a subsystem, if you so desire. Well, maybe not a maintainer, but you will be qualified enough to point out any problems that your favorite maintainer is causing, and that's actually way more fun than being in charge.

All of these tasks will be done through email, and will require you to write, modify, and submit Linux kernel patches and code of all different types.

First off, some housekeeping rules.

You have been assigned a "unique" id. This id is required when
submitting your results, as I (a dumb script) need some way to determine
what is going on. So, please, for every email you write to me from now
on, use your id in the Subject: line like this:

Task 02 results

And yes, if you haven't guessed it already, "xxxxx" is your
unique id. Please don't lose it. I can, through some difficulty,
figure it out again, but we really don't want to have to get my human
involved in this process, that only slows things down.

You should be able to just hit "reply" on the task email and all should
be fine, if not, the scripts will notify you.

This will alternate with the NYLUG Hacking Meeting that is on alternating
Tuesday Nights

Wednesday: 6:30PM - 9:00PM Linear Algebra through MIT:

It is very hard to say you are an expert with computers without knowledge on this topic.
Strang, Gilbert. Introduction to Linear Algebra . 4th ed. Wellesley, MA: Wellesley-Cambridge Press , February 2009. ISBN: 9780980232714.

Thursday Night is Linux 1 workshop: Intro to Linux and shell usage.

There is a LOT more I'd like to learn, but that is all I can fit.
CURRENT CLASSES See the New Offerings including Open Office and Shell Scripting Below!!
Led by our Education Sub-committee, each of the Free Software Institute's programs are designed to empower the user by giving a broad and deep understanding of all the vital parts of the GNU/Linux OS, and it's sister environments
Click on class name to view syllabus
GNU/Linux_1: Introduction to GNU/Linux
Date: Running Now in Midwood Broolyn 7PM
Location: NYLXS Education Center:
Kinggs Games East 12th Street and Kings Highway
Down Stairs
Brooklyn, NY 11230

May 22nd to June 26th, 2003 - Weekly
Limited to 20. Our GNU/Linux_1 class introduces Free Software and the GNU/Linux operating system. Through lectures and hands on text and graphical installations, students develop an understanding of the operating system and its historical relevance. We will discuss how information is stored, accessed, and organized, and look at how the system works. Students will learn to perform complete text and graphical installations, as well as basic network and system configuration. Class will cover:
  • History of Unix & Free Software
  • Partitions
  • File Systems
  • Files and Permissions
  • Directory Tree
  • Network Configuration
  • Introduction to the Linux Kernel
  • Modules
Unix 1
May 21st to June 25 Weekly
Rosensweig and Maffia
845 3rd Avenue
Manhattan, NY
East 51st and 3rd Ave

Instructor: Marco Scoffier Presidnet of NYLXS of NYLXS
Limited to 20. Our Introduction to Unix 1 class introduces the Command Line Interface (CLI) and the powerful tools it makes available. The CLI is built into every Unix system. It is the strongest and most essential tool to unleash the potential of your computer. This class will demystify the CLI, and help explain how and when to use it to make the most efficient use of your computing experience. Going beyond simple commands, the class covers:
  • Introduction to the VI
  • A Review of Unix Tools
  • Basic Commands
  • Vi and Programming Editors
  • Introduction to Shell Programming
  • Advanced Shell Commands
  • GCC Compiler
  • RPM Tools
  • Networking Tools
***Prerequisites: GNU/Linux_1
Perl_1: Introduction to Programming with Perl
Running Now from the 2nd week of June for 6 weeks
at: NYLXS Education Center
1163 East 15th Street
Brooklyn, NY
Q Express to Avenue J      
Limited to 20. Our Introduction to Programming with Perl class is designed to teach proper, real-world programming techniques using Perl. Introducing the core concepts of the language, this class will take you through Perl's underlying structure, and help you see the internal logic of the language. You will learn to write your own programs, and be exposed to working with real programming situations in collaborative environments.
  • Operators
  • Variables
  • Functions
  • Control Structures
  • Regular Expressions
  • Pattern Matching
  • Scope
  • Use of Subroutines
  • Object Oriented Programming
Perl 2: Advanced Web Programming with Perl
LOCATION: NYLXS Headquarters: Brooklyn
1600 East 17th Street

2 Blocks from the Q Expre Station at Kings Highway

Tuesday's Decmber 10, 17, Monday December 23rd, Tuesdays, January 7, 14, 21

Limited to 20. This class builds on the skills developed in Perl_1 to take your programming to the next level. Beginning with object oriented programming, this session will help you extend what you've learned to further harness the power of the language. Learn to develop more powerful applications and how to use Perl to facilitate dynamic, database-driven web development, maximizing your time and your skill.
  • Object Orientation - review
  • Basic CGI Programming
  • Database Usage & SQL
  • Building Database Web Aplications with DBI
  • Basic SQL and MySQL Administration
  • Rapid Development and Web Design Templating
  • Intro to modperl
  • Writing basic Apache modules
***Prerequisites: Perl_1

Free Desktop Use Class - Learn Open Office
Learn Open Office and the basics of the X desktop usage
Instructor - Diane Rollins - Professional Corperate Trainer
Starting In January
Limited to 20. This Class is the First NYC offering for the Average User to Master the Fundementals of Using the X Desktop for Word Processing and More
***Prerequisites: NONE
Unix 2 - Shell Scripting and Adcanced Unix skills

Rosenzweig and Maffia:
845 3rd Ave
NY, NY 51st and 3rd Ave

Instructor - Peter Norton NYLUG System Administrator

Starting on Tuesday March 11 - April 15th

Limited to 20. Learn the Secrets of Unix Shell Scripting, the tool of choice for system initiation installation scripts and much more! Also learn the an introduction to the C programming Language.
***Prerequisites: GNU/Linux 1 and Unix 1
Using the GIMP - professional Graphic using Free Software
Next class starts Feb 2 2003 7:00PM

NYLXS Headquarters:
1600 East 17th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Available Library and Network

Instructor - Marco Scoffier

Limited to 20. The Gimp is the basic raster art program for GNU Systems world-wide. Its become the killer application or many users, but it is unrivaled in its capabilities and complexity. Learn: File Formats, Layers, Masks, Filters, Colors, Paths, Fonts, and how to script for the Gimp to automated jobs.
Beginners C Programming on GNU/Linux
Next class starts July 3rd, 2003

Rosenzweig and Maffia:
845 3rd Avenue
Manhattan, NY 10022

Available Library and Network

Limited to 20. C programming is the backbone of Free Software coding and the Unix Operating system. Learn this core skill with the FSI