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Developing Free Software Leadership for Today and Tomorrow
Making Free Software Available to ALL

Current NYLXS (The NY GNU/Linux Scene) Projects

  • New Summer FSI Educational Projects Announced. See above
    NYLXS April Journal Release

    NYLXS March Journal Release

    NYLXS Quartly Journal Meeting
  • The NYLXS Quarterly Journal committee will be meeting on Tuesday, March 10th at 7PM at the Brooklyn Marriot 333 Adams Street.

    • Committee Chaired By Michael Richardson As always, Beer and food will be flowing

    • All trains to Boro Hall Brooklyn
    C++ Workshops now underway

    NYLXS C++ Workshops, focusing on Templates currently
    Where - 1163 East 15th Street, Brooklyn, NY
    take the Q train to Avenue J
    Tuesday and Sunday Nights, 7PM - 11PM

  • Perl I Class

    I'm announcing the new Perl I class for June. The class will be 6 weeks and we need to get 5 people to sign up for the program which will be taught in Brooklyn unless a better venue makes itself available.

    Class cost is $600.

    It will be twice a week Monday and Thursday Nights beginning the second week of June

    Perl_1: Introduction to Programming with Perl
    at: NYLXS Education Center
    1163 East 15th Street
    Brooklyn, NY
    Q Express to Avenue J
    Limited to 20. Our Introduction to Programming with Perl class is designed to teach proper, real-world programming techniques using Perl. Introducing the core concepts of the language, this class will take you through Perl's underlying structure, and help you see the internal logic of the language. You will learn to write your own programs, and be exposed to working with real programming situations in collaborative environments.

    • * Operators
    • * Variables
    • * Functions
    • * Control Structures
    • * Regular Expressions
    • * Pattern Matching
    • * Scope
    • * Use of Subroutines
    • * Object Oriented Programming
  • Planning Meeting an C++ Workshop

    The Next NYLXS Meeting is at a new Location:

    Who: NYLXS Planning Meeting
    What: PLanning Events and Some C++ Talk
    Where: Suspenders
    111 Broadway
    New York, NY 10006
    (212) 732-5005

    That is near Trinity Church
    Wall Street and Broadway

    Where: January 11th, 2010
    8:00 PM

  • Tech Night

    Time Sunday, 2/21/2010 6:00PM til Midnight Place: 1163 East 15th Street Brooklyn, NY 11230 Topic: Hacking: C++ Workshop, Ice Cast, posible PHP

  • NYLXS Video Show

    NYLXS Video Proposal

    Every Month NYLXS will make a video journal interviewing and showing successful Free Software projects, with concentrations in commercial applications, educational programs, political events surrounding Free Software and the Arts, within the New York Metropolitan area, and to air the 1 hour video on the NYLXS wesite. Like all NYLXS events, this will be a non-profit enterprise run by NYLXS volunteers.

    Volunteer Opportunities:

    NYLXS members can earn volunteer hours for the following assignments attached to the video program:

    Executive Producer: Find interesting Free Software projects and arrange for interviews, assigning team membership to assignments according to schedule.

    Producer: Assists Executive Producer in show discovery and help omnibus problem to assure regular schedule productions.

    Director: Overviews interviews, and realtime production recording. Work with editors to create a finished video product.

    Writer: Writes the outline of the interview and creates the introduction and epilogue of shows

    Editor: Edits the finished video, using free software tools, to create the finished video under the direction of the director.

    Hosts: Two on air hosts who will conduct the interviews


    Possible targets for shows:

    Free Software projects in New York:

    Mozilla, Debian, Gnome, Museums (the Planetarium at AMNH), schools that use free software, The Software Freedom Center (Columbia University)

    Commercial implementations in NY and NJ:

    Google, Banks, About.com, small enterprises (free PR), Steiner Movie Studio's in Downtown Brooklyn.

    Political Interests -

    FSF, Software Freedom Day, Court Cases on copyright, the legal definition of copyright

    Volunteers are needed to fill out all of these slots and to join the team.

    NYLXS – We are Do'ers...

  • We will be doing Introduction to C Programming using the book
    C Programming: A Modren Approach
    by K.N.King
    We'll be developing C programming notes on line as we go. This book is fairly intensive
    Also we will do Perl Porgramming
    using the Perl Programming Notes of NYLXS on http://www.nylxs.com/docs/perlcourse/
    I'll be reediting these notes as we go, but they are fairly complete as they are
    Finally, we will be learning C++ with the text C++ Primer Stanley Lippman and Josee Lajoie - I have the 3rd addition
    I took C++ at NYU but frankly have not nearly enough background, so I'll be making notes and learning along with everyone else.
    Anyone who wants to join is welcome to. NYLXS Accounts are available on the server for a NYLXS membership fee of $45 (and then you need to do volunteer hours to become a voting member). We will also use the NYLXS irc channel to meet on line weekly as announced
    The irc channel is on freenode #nylxs
    The mailing list itself is published on the NYLXS site. Hope you join us!
  • NYLXS Agenda Spring 2008
    This month NYLXS is going to implement several programs and workshops which will be hopefully of interest and use to membership and the general gnu/Linux public.

    After the last meeting March 4th, 2008 it was determined the following programs are to be put in place. This email is a general notification to the public and a call for participation. Programs are developed with NYLXS funding and due.

    Workshop Programs and proposed start up dates and locations:

    GTK and C programming Workshop: BiWeekly evening Meetings

    C programming, game programming with Xgalaga Arcade Game: Weekly Weekdays This old time game has GPLed Source code that demonstrates some of the less commonly used graphic and sound libraries available for GNU Programming and teaches basic game theory

    Network security and Hacking Workshop: Evening Weekend Weekly Program to explore methods of hacking into programs and networking with emphasis on learning how such malware exploits are created and how one can protect against such exploits. The first sessions will focus on PHP exploits using Data Injection techniques as outlined in 'Hackin9 Magazine' January 2008

    Practice Networking Workshop and LDAP Services: Evening Weekly: Lead by our resident expert, Robert Marino, LDAP, and SASL will be explained and configured in this workshop.
    ASUS EEE PC Workshop and Users Group: Catch the latest wave which is sweeping the computing world and putting GNU in the hands of everyday users.

    Project Leaders are being solicited and are welcome. Although we have leadership in place for these workshops, the burden of the NYLXS board and leadership is considerable and has put a joyful strain on resources. Anyone interested in helping to lead any of these events are welcome.

    General Educational and Charitable Workshops with proposed time lines of endpoints and goals:

    The East Flatbush Children's Education Center: Help bridge the digital divide Internet Radio Show: Opening the World of Digital Rights Politics, General Computing and Free Software World

    Video Lecture Series: Video Files to be loaded on Archive.org and YouTube

    Community is Strength Programming: Job Search Workshop: Resume Workshops, Interviewing Techniques and Job Hunting Help for the GNU Programmer, and Sysadmin

    GNU/Business: Help learn to create the business proposals and marketing techniques to put you and your business on the map.

    Web Space and Development Classes: Join NYLXS and become eligible for Free Web space and Development Tools

    Kids and Linux - 'Nuff Said

    Gaming with GNU and Crossfire – Play and compete in this great Free Software Networked Role Playing extravaganza. Learn to script Crossfire Robots and defeat
  • GNU/Linux Demo is Sat Oct 27th 2007
    Time: 3 PM to 4:00PM. Place: Hon Marcus Garvery Holistic Center
    5105 Church Avenue Brooklyn.
    This is just the Demo an installfest will be held later.

  • The 2007/8 Freedom-IT North American Free Software Conference

    What: February 2008 serious Free Software Experts will converge on Lake Placid New York for the 3rd Annual Lake Placid Freedom-IT North American Free Software Conference. This Years topic is Free Software Multimedia - the Rebel Alliance Strikes Back!

  • NYLXS InService

    NYLXS Inservice Presentation

    What: David Sugar: How to build a Phone Company with Free Software
    and Joining the Bayonne Telephony revolution

    David will be speaking about the mystery that is the
    local Phone System and how the infrastructure works.
    In the discussion will include where Free Software
    and be used to connect to the system and how one
    can become a Phone Company in your own home

    Finally, David will be discussing the exciting
    developments of his tool of choice to do such deeds,
    his Bayonne Telephoney software and its future map
    and plans to develope a larger development team to
    reach new planned services for Bayonne

    Join NYLXS for Wine and Cheese, and a great conversation with one
    of Free Softwares true pioneering geniuses: David Sugar

    When: June 6th, 2007 7:00PM - 10:00PM

    Where: First Unitarian Congregational Soceity in Brooklyn
    50 Monroe Place,
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    meeting in the Undercroft.


  • The Free Software Chamber of Commerce is starting up again
    Need to generate more sales contacts or to find a 9-5 for your Free Software business and skills? Join the Free Software Chamber of Commerce. Email ruben@nylxs.com and find save a seat at the next meeting.

  • Freeom-IT and Lake Placid
    NYLXS is ready to launch its second Freedom-IT conference in Lake Placid

  • We need Computers for a Brooklyn Based Students Lab. Donate Old Equiptment
  • Volunteer for the Ubucon Installfest on Friday Febuary 16th at Google. Registration is needed.
  • Freedom-IT Lake Placid Conference 2007 - Organization - Target Febuary 24th and 25th
  • The New Free Software Junior Acheivers Program! - Crossfire Scripting Session Coming Soon
  • Slackware and opensuse CD iso's are on line.
  • Server Upgrade coming Soon
  • Personel Webspace available for members
  • Programming GIMP with LISP Inservice Lecture coming in March

NYLXS Installfest #60

Sunday May 20th, 2006
1163 East 15th Street
Brooklyn, USA
BarbQ Cookout will be available

Local Network Available and lots of help. We have a commitmment of 7 helpers so far.
NYLXS installfests tend to be great fun with friends, food and Free Software!

Freedom-IT Winter Meeting
Freedom-IT Meeting in Lake Placid February 24th and 25th being planned now

NYLXS is taking its yearly confernce and vacation break this month. If interested in hooking up email us at ruben@nylxs.com. Free Software and Skiing in the most beautiful of +places on earth a few hours from the City!

Free Software Chamber of Commerce
Join with other Free Software people in order to expand your contracts and increase your options without being in danger of over promising or losing your business contact to a another vendor. Bring in the bigger fish by bringing a better guarantee to your clients. Meeting Biweekly

The Politics of Free Software Video by Ruben Safir at Princetown, NJ

Free Software Media Player - as it could be with BUILT IN BIT TORRENT The Holiday Gift for the Free Software Family! Only $499.00 - Serious stuff

NYFAIRUSE is holding a meeting Monday Night, Febrary 17th, at the Killarny Rose to discuss Free Software in Government and the problems with Microsoft atre the egov-os conference in Washington. Also discussed will be the related effort to bring up the heat for Free Software in New York City Government

The Free Software Chamber of Commerce - New Yorks first Free Software Business Network, opens for Business!

First Draft of the September Journal

DRM is Theft - NY Fair Use

We are the Stake Holder - Rebutal of the P2P is theft gibberish. Also in Post Script

Corperate Support of the Free Software Linux Based and BSD Based GNU Desktops Is beginning right here RIGHT NOW. See our New Open Office Class Schedule for this Month!

New York GNU Linux Scene is an organization dedicated to providing resources to the New York Linux Community. It's about developing open source leadership. Bound to no specific local NYC or NY Metro Area organization, it's members support the NY Linux and Free Software Scene with manpower, technology, money and time. It's goal is to enable NYC Area Linux users, Free Software users, and the NY population in general through their lugs, schools, businesses, and government agencies.

NYLXS helps with installfeasts, lectures, tutorials, mailing lists, scheduling of events, political lobbying, educational support to public schools and libraries, training, publicity, and more.

Our membership is doers, not watchers. If you are a doer, then join us, and make a difference for the future.

See our Mission Statement

New Projects!

Our New Rapid Demonstration Project is underway to help local businesses and consultants show off the power of GNU/Linux quickly and effectively. Join us on this today!

NYLXS Helps Brooklyn Borough Hall achive it's computing needs through Free Software and GNU Linux



NYLXS will have its general membership meeting on Wednesday: June 7th, 2006 Time 6:30PM Sutton Inn 1015 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10022 · 212-207-3777 in Manhattan Assembly Language Workshop FSI Classes Elections Server Move (Ruben is moving) Freedom-IT - Yes it can and will happen - Free Software Exposition on both East and West Coasts The GNU Traveling Circus - 2 weeks - 5 boroughs - lots of fun NYLXS Journal Publication of GNU/Linux 1 - High School Text Book NYC Live on Saturday Night - GNU/Linux, Music and Live Bands K-12 Education with Free Software GNU and Children New Web Site Design for NYLXS Membership Drives Membership Dues Jobs Jobs Jobs!!!


The Free Software Chamber of Commerce meetings every Tuesday for business development and strategry. If your in the Free Software Business, with GNU/Linux or other software and systems, your welcome to join. Meetings are held at 845 3rd Ave, Manhattan NY on the 13th floor at Rosenzweig and Maffia: Noon to 1PM

Calendar and Scheduling of events
And, do you have what it takes to join us?
Aside from volunteering, lobbying, protesting and installing GNU Linux in schools and offices all across the NYC Metro Area, we like to show off a little too. This section will soon allows us to strut our stuff and/or prove our points.
Help build our member generated resource list. You'll Find our Journal, Radio Show and selective wrtitings of our members HERE. See the GNU/Linux1 Class Text
Resources for Businesses and Employees looking for Careers in Free Software
The NYLXS Quarterly Journal
NYLXS sponsors a Quarterly Journal which reports on the NYC Free Software and GNU Linux movement. Make a contribution it it today!