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New York Linux Scene Journal
Introduction to the New York Linux Scene

By Kevin Marks

NYLXS is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the continuation of open source, free speech protection and Linux. This is being accomplished through the development of leadership and low cost technical proficiency. We aim to convert schools, businesses, and non-profits by showing the cost, security, and organizational benefits of the open source revolution.

This will be accomplished with various initiatives: a 'free software' institute which includes low cost cradle-to-grave linux training, an in-services lecture series, a public school linux initiative, monthly installfests and online mailing lists. We have many meetings during the month were members help shape the development of our initiatives. We also have online mailing lists which include lively discussion of linux HW/SW questions, free speech issues, open source politics.

Install fests are free invitations for people new to linux to BYOB (bring your own box) and have gurus from our membership help you get you on your way to the freedom of linux , maybe have a beer (virtual or otherwise) and mingle with others in the open source community.

Our in-service lecture series provides opportunities to learn about current open source technologies. These are informal meetings where questions are welcomed and you learn something cool! We find IT professionals who are using open source in the field and have them present solutions to diverse problems.

Afterwards, the lecture is posted online and discussions is encouraged on our mailing list. Our Free software institute provides low cost classes on open source technology. current classes starting are: Linux 1 starting, March 30, 2002. Unix 1 starting, March 18, 2002. Perl 1 starting, March 21, 2002. Perl 2 Starting, March 26, 2002. Visit our website for upcoming class.

As part of our public school initiative, our members are speaking to officials in the New York City School system about getting open source in schools. Our current volunteer project is helping high school students coordinate an after-school linux training course and with administration of the students' linux machines.