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New York Linux Scene Journal
The New York Linux Scene Journal

By Michael L. Richardson

The New York Linux Scene Journal's main goal is to Record, Educate, Inform, and Promote Linux in the New York Area (for those of you not from Brooklyn that means the rest of the World) The Journal will be published quarterly. It will be on-line and at least one issue will be printed.

We are calling for papers in the NYLXS Journal. The Journal's looking for serious papers on Free Software research or implementation, programming practices and desktop usage's. If you work with free software, Linux, Perl, Lisp, PHP, Database design, Firewall Network. Get yourself published and increase your profile.

We need the history of Linux (as seen from those who were there), Stories from those who found Linux later, how the Linux Users Group you belong to got started and the group's history. This includes Sigs, Lugs, High Schools, Colleges and Universities and business that use Linux or Free Software.

Visions of where you see Linux, Free Software, and GNU going. How has Linux made a difference to you, your school, your job, your business and your life? In short we need to explore the world of Linux and Free Software (were it's been, were it's at now, and were it seems to be going).

Be a part of the newest and hottest group to hit the Linux and Free Software world. To those who wish to help (or just see their name in print) please e-mail Michael L Richardson at miker@nylxs.com