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New York Linux Scene Journal
Greetings NYLXSers - Joe Grastara Introduces Himself

By Joe Grastara

My name is Joe Grastara and I am serving as the chairman of NYLXS Public Relations Committee. Just to give you a little bit of background about myself, I am 22 years old, a recent graduate of New York University and am currently employed as a Web Developer for the NYU School of Medicine. I first became interested in Linux about two years ago when I was working as an intern at my present place of employment. I had to do a good deal of my work on a UNIX Machine and quickly came to prefer that environment. I decided that I wanted to learn more about UNIX, and given the limited budget of college student and the x86 machine I already had at home Linux was a very natural choice for me. After a couple of weeks of using Linux at home, I convinced my boss to allow me to install Yellow Dog on my Mac at work. Since then I haven't used anything except Linux at home or at work, with the exception of Mac OS X on the iBook I recently acquired (sorry, I know it's not free but I like it).

So enough about me, and on to plans for the Public Relations Committee. I see the mission of the Public Relations Committee as being to get as much public attention as possible on the activities of NYLXS. To that end, some tasks of the Public Relations Committee will be to forge relationship with people in the News Media, and notify them of NYLXS activities which might be news-worthy, to develop relationships with other Linux/Free Software groups and keep them notified of NYLXS activities, and generally anything to get the message out there.

So now here's the part where I beg for help. HELP! Seriously though, I am looking for volunteers to help with what I imagine will be the enormous task of keeping the rest of the world informed about all of the many undertakings of NYLXS. If you would like to help out send me an email at joeg@nylxs.com.