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EgovOS, WindowsRefund, NYLXS elections : March 30 2003
Discussion and recap of recent happenings
Ruben Safir, Marco Scoffier
Free Software Institute : March 16 2003
Student's testimony from the FSI
Ruben Safir, Vin, Ray Connolly
Preparation EgovOS : March 09 2003
Responsible Free Software Leadership
Ruben Safir Dave Williams
Fourth Sunday Show : June 30th 2002
Accounting Practice - French Speach
Ruben Safir Jay Sulzberger
Third Sunday Show : June 16th 2002
(this one is so long we split it into three parts)
Part One: Intro-- Ruben
Free Desktops/Desktop Initiative
Ruben Safir(14m30s,1.7M)
Part Two: Ruben, Billy and Dewey
general discussion, wives and MacOs
Billy Donahue(43m29s,5.0M)
Part Three: Jay Sulzberger
wwwacs flame war, why the os must be free, and other musings by this most famous of characters (the meat and potatoes part of this show)
Jay Sulzberger(89m37s,10M)
Second Sunday Show :
June 9nd 2002
Ruben Safir, Joe Grastara and Marco Scoffier
First Sunday Show :
a general discussion June 2nd 2002
Ruben Safir, Billy Donahue, Joe Grastara and Marco Scoffier
Gnu/Linux and Free Software Small Businesses Demo at CUNY
>Introductory Remarks:
Ruben Safir
>The Gnu/Linux Desktop:
Jonathan Jacobs
>phpGroupWare :
Phil Glaser
>Free Databases:
Ruben Safir
>The Gimp and Imaging tools:
Marco Scoffier
>Linux Telephony & the Bayonne Project
David Sugar
>Linux Terminal Server Project
Andrew Williams
>Icecast Audio Broadcast Server
Marco Scoffier & Brett Wynncoop

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