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June 2023 - NYC Jobs Newsletter=20

Check out these new job opportunities and civil service exams for the City =
of New York.

June 2023

Working for the City of New York offers rewarding career opportunities serv=
ing our communities. With over 80 City agencies and thousands of job types,=
there is something for everyone in city government. This newsletter provid=
es updates about job opportunities, upcoming civil service exams, available=
internships and fellowships, and career events.

The NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) helps support=
the recruiting and hiring needs for city government. Our Office of Citywid=
e Recruitment partners with educational institutions and community-based or=
ganizations across the five boroughs to share information about city govern=
ment jobs and the civil service examination process. This newsletter will p=
rovide you with the news and information you need to take the next step in =
your career.

Civil Service Exams for June 2023

Open Competitive Exams for Anyone:=09
Apply until 6/21/2023

Police Officer
Resident Buildings Superintendent

Apply until 6/27/2023

Assistant Electrical Engineer
City Assessor
City Tax Auditor
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Police Officer
Estimator (General Construction)
Gasoline Roller Engineer
Housing Exterminator
Probation Officer
Traffic Enforcement Agent

The New York City Bridge Exam

Clerical Associate
Clerical Associate (Prom)
Clerical Associate (NYC H+H)
Clerical Associate (NYC H+H) (Prom)
Computer Service Technician
Maintenance Worker
Maintenance Worker (CUNY)
Maintenance Worker (NYC H+H)
Staff Analyst Trainee

Watershed Maintainer

Apply until 6/28/2023

School Safety Agent

Promotion Exams =E2=80=93 Exams for Permanent and 55-a City Employees:

To qualify for these exams, you must already be a permanent City employee o=
r a 55-a Employee

Apply until 6/27/2023

Associate Inspector (Housing)
City Assessor
Environmental Engineer
Marine Engineer (Uniformed-Fire Department)
Police Officer
Principal Police Communications Technician
Supervising Police Communications Technician
Supervisor Plasterer

To view the full list of exams open for filing this month, as well as our y=
early exam schedule, visit our Exam Schedules page

Interested in applying, but don=E2=80=99t know where to start? Check out ou=
r Things to Know Before You Apply page
ment/ to learn mor=
e about the exam process and our fee waivers, including for U.S. Armed Forc=
es Veterans.

How to Apply for Civil Service Exams =09

Through DCAS=E2=80=99s Online Application System (OASys) https://a856-exams=, you can apply for and take certain exams online=
. This can be done on a computer and now also by using a smartphone or tabl=
et. To apply in-person at one of our Computer-based Testing and Application=
Centers, schedule an appointment on OASys

Testing Centers are open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding=

For exam related customer service or to check the status of an exam or list=
you can:

Call (212) 669-1357.
Log into OASys and fill out t=
he Contact Us form
E-mail DCAS at: mailto:LMACustome=
Our testing centers are in every borough, so you can find a testi=
ng center near you Appointments are required and can be scheduled onlin=
e through OASys

Job Announcements

The City of New York is hiring! Please visit our career page https://www1.n= at to view and apply for immediate hire=
positions available across the City. To view the jobs listed below, enter =
the respective Job ID# in the search box

Administration for Children=E2=80=99s Services

Special Officer (20 positions) =E2=80=93 Salary: $34,834 - $50,207 (annual)=
=E2=80=93 Job ID# 546158
Youth Development Specialist (multiple positions) =E2=80=93 Salary:=
$47,393 (annual) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 554430
Child Protective Specialist (multiple positions) =E2=80=93 Salary: =
$50,757 (annual) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 573123

City University of New York

Campus Peace Officer
assets/NOE-CPO-Revised-2021.01.25.pdf (multiple positions) =E2=80=93 Salary=
: $36,614 (annual)
Campus Security Assistant
ites/4/media-assets/revised-CSA-2059-NOE-11.27.19-1.pdf (multiple positions=
) =E2=80=93 Salary: $31,320 (annual)

District Attorney of New York County

Community Engagement Coordinator, Harlem Office https://fa-elzs-saasfaprod1=
preview/2709/?keyword=3D2709&mode=3Dlocation&sortBy=3DTITLES_ASC =E2=80=93 =
Salary: $56,000 (annual) =E2=80=93 Position# 2709
Community Engagement Coordinator, Harlem Office https://fa-elzs-saa=
sitions/preview/2690/?keyword=3D2690&mode=3Dlocation&sortBy=3DTITLES_ASC =
=E2=80=93 Salary: $56,000 (annual) =E2=80=93 Position# 2690
Victim Services Counselor for Men of Color, Witness Aid Services Un=
sortBy=3DTITLES_ASC =E2=80=93 Salary: $58,430 - $61,750 (annual) =E2=80=93 =
Position# 2628

Visit the Manhattan District Attorney=E2=80=99s Office Careers page https:/=
/ for more opportunities.

Mayor=E2=80=99s Office of Contract Services

Senior Business Analyst, Digital Platform Solutions (Design & Quality Assur=
ance) =E2=80=93 Salary: $100,000 =E2=80=93 $110,000 (annual) =E2=80=93 Job =
ID# 586707
Functional Business Analyst, Digital Platform Solutions (Design & Q=
uality Assurance) =E2=80=93 Salary: $80,000 =E2=80=93 $95,000 (annual) =E2=
=80=93 Job ID# 586721
Data Analytics & Reporting Engineer, Digital Platform Solutions (Re=
porting and Analytics) =E2=80=93 Salary: $75,000 =E2=80=93 $90,000 (annual)=
=E2=80=93 Job ID# 572981

NYC Campaign Finance Board

People Operations Specialist - Talent Acquisition =E2=80=93 Salary: $65,000=
- $75,000 (annual) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 586243
Director of Marketing and Digital Communications =E2=80=93 Salary: =
$125,000 - $145,000 (annual) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 580235
Director of Public Relations =E2=80=93 Salary: $115,000 - $130,000 =
(annual) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 580116

NYC Department of Buildings

Construction Inspector (32 positions) =E2=80=93 Salary: $53,563 - $61,800 (=
annually) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 588837
Plan Examiner, Energy Code =E2=80=93 Salary: $76,864 - $88,394 (ann=
ual) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 588861
Assistant Plan Examiner, Energy Code (four positions) =E2=80=93 Sal=
ary: $65,193 - $74,972 (annual) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 588856

NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services

Special Examiner (Physical Tests), Human Capital/ Examinations division (10=
positions) =E2=80=93 Salary: $25.83 (hourly) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 585375
Recruitment and DEI Policy Coordinator, Citywide Equity & Inclusion=
=E2=80=93 Salary: $74,710 - $80,568 (annual) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 586083
Citywide Inclusive Recruitment Specialist, Citywide Equity & Inclus=
ion =E2=80=93 Salary: $74,710 - $80,568 (annual) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 586063

NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection

Senior Staff Counsel (Agency Attorney L3) =E2=80=93 Salary: $79,620 - $91,5=
63 (annual) =E2=80=93 Job # 586341
Staff Counsel (Agency Attorney L2) =E2=80=93 Salary: $71,423 - $82,=
137 =E2=80=93 Job # 588309

NYC Department of Education

Special Education Clerical Assistant, Division of Specialized Instruction &=
Student Support =E2=80=93 Salary: $39,765 - $50,301 (annual) =E2=80=93 DOE=
Position #21939

To apply, create an account at NYC Teachers Support Network https://nychb.t=

NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Analyst - Institutional Review Board (IRB), Office of General Counsel =E2=
=80=93 Salary: $74,710 (annual) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 584406
Medical Advisor, Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention =E2=80=93 Sal=
ary: $114,636 - $122,846 (annual) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 584860
Physician-in-Charge (part time), Bureau of Public Health Clinics =
=E2=80=93 Salary: $79.23 - $84.86 (hourly) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 539152
Assistant Medical Director K-8, Bureau of School Health =E2=80=93 S=
alary: $79.23 - $84.86 (hourly) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 551793
Family Public Health Nurse, Bureau of Maternal Infant and Reproduct=
ive Health (four positions) =E2=80=93 Salary: $88,780 (annual) =E2=80=93 Jo=
b ID# 583788

Visit DOHMH=E2=80=99s Jobs Spotlight page
t/employment/ for additional career opportunities.

NYC Department of Parks and Recreation

Director of Survey (Queens) =E2=80=93 Salary: $109,000 =E2=80=93 Job ID# 58=
Climber & Pruner (nine positions; Citywide) =E2=80=93 Salary: $70,1=
28 =E2=80=93 Job ID# 580856
Customer Service Recreation Director, Flushing Meadows Aquatic Cent=
er & Rink (five positions; Queens) =E2=80=93 Salary: $45,523 - $52,351 =E2=
=80=93 Job ID# 587351

To apply and view more career opportunities at NYC Parks, visit Careers at =

NYC Department for the Aging

Senior Director, Training & Professional Development, Office of Human Resou=
rces =E2=80=93 Salary $135,000 =E2=80=93 Job ID# 563273
Director, Health Insurance Information, Counseling & Assistance Pro=
gram =E2=80=93 Salary: $100,000 - $110,000 =E2=80=93 Job ID# 562919
Director, Grant Development, Bureau of Planning and Strategic Initi=
atives =E2=80=93 Salary $105,000 - $115,000 =E2=80=93 Job ID# 574714

NYC Health + Hospitals Corporation

Registered Nurses (Various specialties/ levels throughout NYC) https://www.=
Medical & Behavioral Health Social Workers (Various specialties/ le=
vels throughout NYC) =E2=80=93 To learn more please email SocialWorkers4NYC=
Clinical Laboratory Technologists (Various specialties/ levels thro=
ughout NYC) - To learn more please email the recruitment team mailto:recrui=

Please visit NYC H+H=E2=80=99s careers page https://www.nychealthandhospita= for more information and other opportunities.

NYC Housing Development Corporation

Assistant/Associate General Counsel, Real Estate
e/7788 =09

Assistant General Counsel Salary (annual): $125,000 - $145,000
Associate General Counsel Salary (annual): $146,000 - $165,000

Program Specialist, Compliance/Marketing/Affordable Housing =E2=80=93 Salary: $70,000- $85,000 (annual)

Visit NYC HDC=E2=80=99s career page to learn=
more and apply for these positions.

New York City Police Department

Psychologist Level II (three positions) =E2=80=93 Salary: $80,365 - $92,420=
(annual) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 572756
Data Analyst/ City Research Scientist Level II =E2=80=93 Salary: $8=
2,506 - $94,882 (annual) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 555943
IT Security Specialist =E2=80=93 Salary: $75,000 - $180,000 (annual=
) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 582491

Office of the NYC Comptroller

Executive Director, Bureau of Audit
uploads/documents/Audit-Executive-Director-015-023-143.pdf =E2=80=93 Salary=
: $150,000 - $165,000 (annual)
.NET Developer (two positions)
nt/uploads/documents/NET-Developer-015-023-054R.pdf =E2=80=93 Salary: $100,=
000 - $125,000 (annual)

For more opportunities, visit the Office of the NYC Comptroller=E2=80=99s c=
areer page

Public Administrator of New York County

Case Manager =E2=80=93 Salary: $35,000 (annual)
Accountant, Salary $50,217 =E2=80=93 68,234 (annual) =E2=80=93 Job =
ID# 572756

College Aide and Internship Opportunities for Current Undergraduate and Gra=
duate Students

Please visit our career page to view a=
nd apply for college aide and summer intern positions available across the =
city. Enter College Aide or Intern in the Business Title search box to see =
all positions currently available.

For more information about specific internship and fellowship programs such=
as Urban Fellows and the New York Summer Internship Program, click on Inte=
rnships and Fellowships on NYC=E2=80=99s Explore Careers page https://www.n=

NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services

College Aide, City Store =E2=80=93 Salary: $15.50 - $19.90 (hourly) =E2=80=
=93 Job ID# 587884

NYC Department of Design & Construction

College Aide, Public Safety, Inspections & Enforcement (two positions) =E2=
=80=93 Salary: $15.50 - $16.00 (hourly) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 585952

NYC Department of Education

Program Assistant, Panel for Educational Policy (Undergrad College Intern) =
yId=3D21939 =E2=80=93 Salary: $15.00 - $17.50 (hourly) =E2=80=93 DOE Positi=
on# 21938
Digital Communications Intern (Undergrad College Intern) https://ny=
8 =E2=80=93 Salary: $15.00 - $17.50 (hourly) =E2=80=93 DOE Position# 21938
Special Project Intern, Communications (Graduate School Intern) htt=
=3D21937 =E2=80=93 Salary: $15.93 - $24.73 (hourly) =E2=80=93 DOE Position#=
Press Office Intern (Undergrad College Intern) https://nychb.teache= =E2=80=
=93 Salary: $15.00 - $17.50 (hourly) =E2=80=93 DOE Position# 21935
Family and Community Empowerment (FACE) Undergrad College Intern ht=
d=3D21936 =E2=80=93 Salary: $15.00 - $17.50 (hourly) =E2=80=93 DOE Position=
: 21936

To apply, create an account at NYC Teachers Support Network https://nychb.t=

NYC Department of Environmental Protection

NYC Department of Environmental Protection offers paid and unpaid undergrad=
uate and graduate internships in a variety of fields during the fall, sprin=
g and summer sessions. Interested students should apply as soon as possible=
, as applications are often reviewed on a rolling basis.

Visit Internship Opportunities - DEP for more information and to apply.

NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

College Aide, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner - Forensic Biology (two =
positions) =E2=80=93 Salary: $15.50 - $16.00 (hourly) - Job ID# 585086
College Aide (Freshman - Sophomore), Bureau of Vital Statistics/Rec=
ords =E2=80=93 Salary: $15.50 - $16.35 (hourly) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 580448
College Aide/Office Assistant (Intern), Bureau of Operations =E2=80=
=93 Salary: $15.50 (hourly) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 527801

NYC Department of Records & Information Services

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion College Aide =E2=80=93 Salary: $15.50 - $1=
9.90 (hourly) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 567787
External Affairs College Aide =E2=80=93 Salary: $15.50 - $19.90 (ho=
urly) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 567788

NYC Department of Transportation

College Aide - OSIP Admin, Office of Bicycle/Pedestrian Programs =E2=80=93 =
Salary: $15.50 - $19.90 (hourly) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 585845
College Aide - Architect Intern, Division of Facilities Maintenance=
=E2=80=93 Salary: $17.00 - $21.98 (hourly) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 587278

NYC Department of Youth and Community Development

College Aide - Fiscal Analyst, Agency Payment Unit (APU) =E2=80=93 Salary: =
$15.50 - $19.90 (hourly) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 585510
Graduate Student College Aide, Commissioner=E2=80=99s Office =E2=80=
=93 Salary: $16.00 - $19.90 (hourly) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 570839

NYC Financial Information Services Agency =E2=80=93 Office of Payroll Admin=

College Aide, Legal Affairs =E2=80=93 Salary: $15.50 - $16.00 (hourly) =E2=
=80=93 Job ID# 550947

NYC Office of Emergency Management

College Aide, Office of the Chief Operating Officer =E2=80=93 Salary: $15.5=
0 - $19.90 (hourly) =E2=80=93 Job ID# 557740

NYC Office of Payroll Administration

Communications Unit College Aide =E2=80=93 Salary: $15.50 - $19.90 (hourly)=
=E2=80=93 Job ID# 587560

NYC Office of Technology and Innovation

Threat Management College Aide =E2=80=93 Salary: $16.02 - $20.72 (hourly) =
=E2=80=93 Job ID# 555381

New York City Public Service Corps

The New York City Public Service Corps (PSC) is the nation's first and larg=
est off-campus internship program for college students and offers paid fede=
ral work-study internships as well as placements in which students can work=
for academic credit.

Learn more about the PSC on DCAS=E2=80=99s internship webpage https://www1.=

New York City Summer Internship Program (SIP)

The City of New York Summer Internship Program provides over 100 accessible=
summer intern job postings to college students currently enrolled, as well=
as recent graduates. In addition to gaining experience working for the Cit=
y of New York, SIP interns are also offered opportunities for professional =
development, training, and guidance on civil service employment.

City agencies will continue to post new job opportunities through July. For=
more information on participating agencies, eligibility, and the applicati=
on process, visit the Summer Internship Program page

Upcoming Events

Please join us for our upcoming events
ies/ Select events based on your career=
interests, education, and experience.

NYC Health and Hospitals: Bellevue Recruitment Event

Wednesday, June 14, 2023, 10 a.m. =E2=80=93 2 p.m.
NYC Health +Hospitals/Bellevue, 462 1st Ave., New York, NY 10016, H Buildin=
g, 12th Floor, Rose Room

NYC Health + Hospitals is hiring Patient Care Associates, Surgical Techs, N=
urses, Sexual Assault Response Team Examiners and Nursing Administrators.

Register for this event

NYC Health and Hospitals: Harlem Nursing Recruitment Event

Thursday, June 15, 2023, 9 a.m. =E2=80=93 3 p.m.
NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem, 506 Lenox Ave., New York, NY 10037, MP Build=
ing =E2=80=93 1st Floor- Art Gallery

NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem is hiring staff nurses and patient care assoc=

Register for this event

NYC Government Hiring Hall

Friday, June 16, 2023, 10:00 a.m. =E2=80=93 3:00 p.m.
CUNY Medgar Evers College =E2=80=93 231 Crown Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11225

Ready to serve your community and grow your career? Join us at our next NYC=
Government Hiring Hall! Explore exciting opportunities across the City and=
learn about the benefits of working for the City. On-the-spot interviews w=
ill be conducted for various positions.

Register for this event

NYC Health and Hospitals: Correctional Health Services Reentry and Transiti=
onal Services Virtual Recruitment Event

Thursday, June 22, 2023, 1 p.m. =E2=80=93 2 p.m.
Virtual event

NYC Health + Hospitals=E2=80=99 Correctional Health Services is hiring case=
managers, social workers and diversion liaisons.

Register for this event

Public Service: Inside Citywide Podcast

In Episode 11 of the Inside Citywide Podcast
about/, our guest, FDNY Commissioner Laura Kava=
nagh, discusses her formative years, her career in public service, and the =
work of FDNY.

Week In Review | May 28 =E2=80=93 June 3

Pride month arrives and summer takes shape this week in New York City.

Hear from Eric

The Adams administration is dedicated to cutting through the noise and deli=
vering information directly to you and all New Yorkers.

Sign up to "Hear From Eric" and get direct messages from City Hall, tailore=
d to your interests and neighborhood, sent directly to your inbox - at nyc.=

wiVy2auZYKiHCL4eeLbIXUnMrU2knQSS-pco4jRsjXa9RRDSUXOC1VVe8Ihl0-0=3Dor change=
your email preferences

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June 2023 - NYC Jobs Newsletter



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">Check out these new job opportunities and civil service exams for the Cit=
y of New York.

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etter/nyc-jobs-newsletter-header-2023.jpg" alt=3D"NYC Jobs Newsletter" tit=
le=3D"NYC Jobs Newsletter" borde=3D"0" style=3D"width:100%; height:auto; di=
splay:block;" width=3D"600">



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June 2023

Working for the City of New York offers rewarding career opportuni=
ties serving our communities. With over 80 City agencies and thousands of j=
ob types, there is something for everyone in city government. This newslett=
er provides updates about job opportunities, upcoming civil service exams, =
available internships and fellowships, and career events.

The NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) help=
s support the recruiting and hiring needs for city government. Our Office o=
f Citywide Recruitment partners with educational institutions and community=
-based organizations across the five boroughs to share information about ci=
ty government jobs and the civil service examination process. This newslett=
er will provide you with the news and information you need to take the next=
step in your career.


Civil Service Exams for June 2023

Open Competitive Exams for Anyone:


Apply until 6/21/2023

Apply until 6/27/2023

Apply until 6/28/2023

Promotion Exams =E2=80=93 Exams for Permanent=
and 55-a City Employees:

To qualify for these exams, you must already be a permanent City=
employee or a 3E8nNsQAjiTXzK6lV4-2Bmz040RoFV5AU3PtjxEC1S7GhE7JSN5oLuQcfPW8fA3uTzUydL3XEYV=
hyj6Dn78U-2F5gJG-2BfHnLdtk-3D" title=3D"55-a Employee">55-a Employee

Apply until 6/27/2023

To view the full list of exams open for filing this month, as we=
ll as our yearly exam schedule, visit our
UgKXZTXM-3D" title=3D"Exam Schedules page">Exam Schedules page

Interested in applying, but don=E2=80=99t know where to start? C=
heck out our 8nNsQAjiTXzK6lV4-2Bmz040RoFV5AU3PtjxEC1S7GhE7JSN5oLuQcfPW8fA3uCrK-2F-2F-2Bs=
VoPHNWpxkFC94-3D" title=3D"Things to Know Before You Apply page">Things to =
Know Before You

  1. 2023-06-09 From: "DCAS, Office of Citywide Recruitment" <> Subject: [Learn] =?utf-8?q?NYC_Jobs_Newsletter_=E2=80=93_June_2023?=
  2. 2023-06-13 From: "Chaim Desser" <> Subject: [Learn] current positions to fill
  3. 2023-06-26 From: "Professional Career Services" <> Subject: [Learn] Tonight! Software and Web Development Open House

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