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The Free Software Institute

This page is OLD!!! See the NEW CLASSES PAGE

The Free Software institute is created to make affordable training available to the NYC communittee at large.. It supports a program of cradle to grave GNU/Linux and Free Software capability which will give users the background needed to function and develope in the GNU/Linux environment, as a Web Master, Unix Sys Admin, or developer.

Courses are designed to feed off each other, and those who complete the program will be included in our pool of NYLXS affiliated consultants which we will refer clients to. Those who skip courses in the program might be prevented from taking hight level classes, as the NYLXS education committee sees fit.

Paid and Registered Students:
  1. Michael Richardson
  2. Juan Gonzolez
  3. Joe Maffia
Our current program which has been approved is as follows:

Introduction to GNU/Linux
	Introduction to the Shell
	Introduction to VI, vim,
        vi commands:
	Basic Shell comands	
	Directory tree
	files, ownership, group permissions
	Setting up X
	sysinit - /etc/rc.d/init.d - turning services off and on
	network setup
	adding users - different on different systems
	ifconfig - see network connections
	modules - modprobe, demode, lsmod, kernel compile

Introduction to unix
	Unix Tool, find, locate, man, grep, AWK, sort, df, ls, gcc, make
	cp, ln, mv Permissions, tcp networking,route.

Introduction to Programming with Perl

Advanced  Unix2
	shell scripting, C programming, Desktop X.

Introduction to Apache: GNU/Linux 2
	Install of mod perl, install of Apache, Install of embperl,
	and mason, basic apache configuration with files and virtual 
	servers, etc

Advanced Web Programming with Perl
	embperl, modperl, the apache request cycle, cgi's, html, forms,
	cookies and sessions

Database Programming 1
	MYSQL installation, Creating tables, performance evalutions,
	SQL seelcts, Inserts, user permissions, Perl DBI, C API.

Introdution to Networking 1
	REVIEW tcp/id, introduce mail, sendmail, bind, DNS, DHCP,

Intro to GNU/Linux Class announced

Currently we have announced the Feb. 4th Introduction to GNU/Linux Class. See the announcement page for details. Student enrollment is made by receipt of a check for the class and the enrollment will be listed on this page

The Syllabus for the class is as follows:

Introduction to GNU/Linux
		Boot Media, Kernels
		Hard Drives
		fdisk, type 82, type 83
		swap partition mkswap, swapon, partition types,
	       	partition tables, /boot /home /usr /var
		file systems, ext2, reiser, ext3, mke2fs
		inodes, MBR
	Introduction to the Shell
		kernle ->getty -> login ->shell

	Introduction to VI, vim,
        vi commands:
		command mode
		i =>insert
		o =>open
		a =>append
		yy =>yank

		edit mode
		type and character into screen
		 to go back to command mode

		execute mode
		:w write
		:q quit

		/search search
		:wq! at all costs
		1,$s/old/new/g <== substitution globaly
	Basic Shell comands	
	ls - directory listing
       	cp - copy
       	mv - move 
       	ls ru* - globing
       	cat - cancatonate 
	ps -auxw - see processes
	pstree - see process tree
	top - system report

	Directory tree

	files, ownership, group permissions
	Setting up X
		Knowing your video card
		Knowing your monitor		
	sysinit - /etc/rc.d/init.d - turning services off and on
	network setup
		host name
	adding users - different on different systems
	ifconfig - see network connections
	modules - modprobe, demode, lsmod, kernel compile

New Advanced Perl and Mod Perl Web Programming Class in Brooklyn (this is not by NYLXS)

January 6th - Febuary 3rd Object Orientation in Perl

Basic CGI Programming

Database usage and SQL

Building Database Web Applications with DBI

Basic MYSQL administration and SQL

Templating Web Design and Rapid Development with Perl

Introduction to mod_perl

Writing Basic Apache Modules with Perl

5 Week Advanced Web Programming with Perl Class

Official Enrollments:
  1. Matt Potosnak
  2. Vaugn Scott
  3. Ray Shah

Notice In Service Lecture January 7th

Creating Secure Transactions over the Web with Free Software
Killarny Rose
82 Beaver Street, 2nd Floor
Open Meeting
Presented By Brendan McAdams

GTK Workshop introduced

The Free Software Institute (a part of NYLXS) is introducing it's first Membership Workshop. This 2 month long program is for learning GTK GUI programming in X using the C programming Language.

Beginning C programmers are Welcome.

We are going to meet weekly on Wednesday Nights from January 9th on to February 27th. Bring your laptops, or use one of mine, although I will make accounts available on the NYLXS server as needed.

A maximin of 20 people can work with us. The Location will be at 1600 East 17th Street
in Brooklyn, NYC
from 7:00PM until 10:00PM,
although we might move to a different location
as one becomes available.

Contact Ruben Safir at or Paul Rodriguez ( for more information.

10 Week Intro to Programming with Perl Class

Official Enrollments:
  1. Chris CT Yang - Full program
  2. Micheal Broggy - Full program
  3. Robert Momn - Full Program
  4. Keith Mattox - Full Program
  5. Lizabeth Arum - Full Program
  6. Paul Hernandez - Full Program
  7. Thomas L Britten Jr - Full Program
  8. Michael Osten - Full Program
  9. Jonathan L Hirshman - Full Program
  10. Adam S Kosmin - Full Program
  11. Marcus B Conti - Full Program
  12. David Katz - Full Program
  13. Jonathan L. Hirshman - Full Program
  14. Kevin T. Milani - Full Program
  15. Alec M. Berlin - Full Program Terry Schmidt - Full Program

Stand by's

  1. Rebbecca L Moss - 1st Class
Notice - people paying for 1 class can be bumped for full enrollment students. They will be refunded their money.

Once the course begins, no money will be refunded. NO EXCEPTIONS

Nearly all the seats for mondays class are now filled.

Thank everyone for participating in our first NYLXS program. A number of items should be noted prior to coming to class. First, have a pictue ID to enter the building at 845 3rd Ave. The office is Rosensweig and Maffia on the 13th Floor, in their conference room. Class itself is not normally centered on the computer. Instead, you are given accounts on the NYLXS server for homework. All homework is to be done in Unix, preferably on the server.

Class time itself is spent teaching, not practicing. A mailing list is made for extenssive discussion of programming and course work. One day a week we will probibly meet on IRC to digitally discuss and review questions and techniques.

If you have a laptop, I encourage you to bring it to class. Generaly, only a couple of spare machines might be available at the lectures. The notes for the class are on-line. The url will be announced in the class.

Online access is needed for this class. If you have trouble getting on line, email me so we can help you. The class is designed for beginers. We assume you know nothing about Unix or Perl. The book used for this class is "Programming Perl" by Tom Christiansen et al. It is known as the Camel Book. IT IS A CAMEL, not a LLAMA. A LLAMA book can not help you with this class, and it can confuse you. It is also not a Cheatah, Leopard, Eagle, Mouse, or Rhino, all of which represent good books, but not the one we need.

Any questions, email me.


As NYLXS's first fund raiser and leadership program, NYLXS announces it's first educational program. This program, for beginners, is a 10 week Perl Program on Monday Nights for 10 weeks starting on November 5th.

This class starts with basic Unix handling of the commandline, Basic Visual Editor commands, Perl in the Unix enviorment, and emphasises proper software developement.

Class participants will be given access to the NYLXS server. If you have your own laptop, you are welcome to bring it.

The cost is $20 a class to go to the NYLXS or $150 for the whole 10 weeks. Scheduled time is 5:30PM to 10:00PM, plus an online meetings over the week for questions.

The instructor is Ruben I Safir who has previously presented the material for CUNY and the New School.

Material is also on-line.

There is a maximum of 15 seats. Location is Midtown Manhattan 51st and 3rd Avenue.

This is GREAT oppurtunity. When done with the program, you will understand all of perl's basic components, structured programming, Object Oriented Design, library files, and coordination of large projects. Everything is Free Software Based.

To Register email Ruben or Joe


ONE LAST addition

Folks who want to drop off Checks in Manhattan, make the checks out to Ruben I Safir, and you can mail them to me at

1600 East 17th Street,
Brooklyn USA

OR you can drop them off by HAND ONLY at

Maffia and Rosenzweig
845 3rd Avenue in Manhattan.
Bring an ID card because of the new security.

IN FACT, that's where the class is held, so bring an ID along for that as well.

I'll make a full disclosure on the web site of the money taken in, from who and so on.

In addition, in the NEAR future, we should be able to handle checks to NYLXS.

Cash, if at all possible, is still best. I HATE handling bounced checks. After 10 years as a pharmacist, I have some expereince in this area.