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  1. January Board Meeting Announced for January 21st - See the Announcements section for details
  2. Public Relations and Journal Committees looking begin to form and are looking for volunteers.
  3. Brooklyn Linux Solutions announces Advanced Perl Class for January. (These sites are run by BLS). See for details.
  4. GTK Gnome Programming Workshop Announced for January - See Classes and Announcement section for details
  5. DeLUGE User Group supported on NYLXS Servers, including mailing list and Virtual Servers. See
  6. Committee Workshop is held on December 19th at the NYLUG party.
  7. WIreless Inservice postoned until Febuary
  8. Announcements Backend work is finished.
  9. December 5th meeting held. Chart aproved and officers install. Committees and chairs created
  10. December 5th Agenda put on line
  11. Linux Institute Proposed
  12. Second In-Service preliminarily arrainged on Wireless Service by Terry Schmidt for Mid December
  13. Preliminary Officers nominated
  14. Third Meeting Held
  15. Planned Changes to Website proposed
  16. Meeting with Amatuer Computing Club or NY about space
  17. IRC BOTs notes are posted in article by Brian Seitz
  18. First In Service on IRC BOTs is given by Brian Seitz
  19. Fair Use plans for Congressional Meeting finalized
  20. Announcements section program is started
  21. NYLXS agrees to help the Brooklyn Tech Computer Club
  22. Second NYLXS Meeting is held
  23. Perl Class Started
  24. Groups mailing pages done
  25. Perl Class filled up
  26. Installfeast announced
  27. Added InstallFeast page and Free Dmitry protest pages to events
  28. Perl Class Announced on mailing list
  29. Events Section Started
  30. Formal vision of goals posted of NYLXS is posted to the mailing list and the posted to the announcement section.
  31. First Meeting underway 10-22-2001 and procedureal issues adressed for forming the governing structure of the group.
  32. Preliminary Calender Nearly Completed and released. Needs some expansion.
  33. Premininary Plans Made for a Brooklyn Install Feast
  34. First Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday Oct 23, 2001 at the Brooklyn Marriot Hotel
  35. Class Space Secured for coming Perl Lectures
  36. Politics Section is created
  37. Accounts are given out to members
  38. New Mailing List is up and Running
  39. Jobs Section Done
  40. Charter template proposed by Joe Maffia