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DATE 2015-10-01


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DATE 2015-10-07
FROM Ruben Safir
SUBJECT Subject: [NYLXS - HANGOUT] running for governor

Just to be clear, this is not me :)


SEEKING: Campaign Manager - Want To Run for NYS Governor
2018(Brooklyn, NY)

image 1
image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4
image 5
image 6

First: The issues you will read about? You MUST be PASSIONATE about
bringing change to them as I am! TOGETHER we will change the system!
TOGETHER we will BRING the system to its knees! TOGETHER, we will BUILD
it back UP proficiently, productively, and PROPERLY!

Second: Just as anyone I need support in my endeavors! Right now I am
completely alone. Nelson Mandela was NOTHING without his support! Cesar
Chavez NOTHING without his support, Rosa Parks, NOTHING without her
support! Even Jesus wants you to have support " For where two or three
are gathered in my name, their I am in the midst "

Third: The first picture you are seeing is a GOLD quarter to the state
of NY. There is a long story behind how I found it so I will just say
this (A) I am a man of FAITH and I see this quarter that I found as a
SYMBOL from Heaven that I will do something great in the state of NY.
You don't find a collectors piece like this sitting in the grass in the
street with the sun beaming on it! The second picture is a Mexican
Dollar, why is a Mexican dollar in the street in the US? I saw this a
TOKEN of my SPIRIT a bad ass bird eating a bad ass snake! That is so me!
The third pictures well. Anyone who knows me knows the the year 1987 is
very spiritual to me and I found a dime with the month, day and year of
the special day! ANOTHER token from Heaven. GOD is ORDAINING what I am
doing! Therefore I will NOT fail! He TIRED of seeing good men treated
like dirt! and he is TIRED of seeing HIS children being stopped to see
their dads by vindictive evil witches. PERIOD.

I am looking for one person who will read this and say " I am going to
make this person the next Governor to the state of NY! "

To begin I am not ranting, ranters are nothing but windless blow hards
who love the sound of their own voices, I HATE the sound of my voice! I
am not crazy, angry, bitter, I am DISGUSTED! Huge difference! and
everything you will read below? My c*ck is so HARD dripping with PRE CUM
to bring these changes! Enough said...

I am going to be honest... I have NO clue what I am doing in regards to
running for Governor. However, I do KNOW this. I have the PASSION,
attitude to be a great servant of the people.

I am a REAL NI99A from the streets like ALL of you! Suffered EVERY
single injustice like all of you! Been involved with every single agency
like all of you! and I am NOT a politician but a NEW YORKER like ALL of
you! and I have had IT like ALL of you! So what do you do when you want
to change things? You RUN for Governor of the state you want to change! :)

I know what it's like to have your children kept from you illegally and
the system does nothing, I know what it's like to be on public
assistance (on it now!) I know what it's like to deal with the OTDA
(Office of Temporary Dick in Ass) I know what it's like to deal with the
family courts, I know what its like to deal with CPS, ACS, I know what
it's like to be poor. I know what it was like to be homeless (most of my
teenage life from 13) The media spins these celebrity stories depicting
their hard lives growing up, MOST of the celebrities couldn't sit two
seconds in my shoes without offing themselves! I know what it's like to
deal with state and municipal employees, I know what it's like to be on
food stamps (on them now!) Yes my brothers and sisters, I KNOW what it's
like to be you! Not the 1% elite but the REAL citizens who take the
governmental stiffy up the a** 24 7 and are made to smile the whole
time! That is NOT me! You want to f*ck me in the a**? Go ahead, but I am
going to find a way to turn my head so far around and look you in the
eye while your doing, so you KNOW I am not enjoying it!

There is THREE things I detest most in this world, (I) Inequality, (II)
Inefficiency, and (III) Oppression. As governor of the state of NY I
will make SURE that EVERY citizen is treated EQUALLY! that ANY laws I
create, or policies, they are 387% EFFICIENT! Trust me as an efficiency
expert by career and executive destroyed by the great recession,
ANYTHING I create there will be NO crazy bat shit excuses that is
doesn't work properly! There is the ONE thing I HATE most of all
EXCUSES!!! This states agencies have more excuses of why they can't do
something properly, or why something failed than ex wives explaining why
men can't see their children on THEIR weekends! If I may child support?
Men are ordered to pay child support right? But what about the time men
have the children for a month or two during the year? Is it JUST that he
pays that support during that time? WHY should she be paid while I have
the children! No my peeps, you will not get excuses from me, just

As governor I will do the following:

ABOLISH the agency known as CPS, ACS, and in its place create a new
agency, an agency that OMG will PROTECT children! and do you know why?
Because this agency will RUN on PRIVATE donations. NOT one state or
federal dime will go to pay for anything, and guess what? I don't GAF!
who doesn't like it! The workers? the supervisors? the commissioners? I
have seen this agency FIRST hand through my own abuse and watching my
children being abused and they did NOTHING! Never mind the countless
stories I have read, investigated, etc. This agency is a FAILED entity
and needs to be CUT out completely! The new agency is already created on
paper. Here is my argument and it is not up for debate. Two children
have died under this failed system, Nixmary Brown, and Marchella Pierce,
never mind the EIGHT attributed deaths the Kings County Grand Jury
discovered. So that is TEN children two many! ONE child death is too
many! TOGETHER we can put an END to child abuse, child neglect, child
endangerment, etc. IT CAN BE DONE!

ABOLISH the foster care system... The US federal government PAYS these
freaks (and please don't tell me a damn thing) to take care of
children... What it actually is doing is AIDING and ABETTING never mind
kids!!! They are RAPED in these homes and the workers do absolutely
nothing! The system takes children away from GOOD parents and places
them with PAID RAPISTS! all the while KEEPING children with the TRULY
bad parents. Because they are nothing but chicken sh*t cowards who can
ONLY pick on the weak! Instead of the foster care system, I will WRITE
into LAW that ANY (citizen) (and dudes and dudettes) they are going to
be SCREENED in such a way, and WATCHED in such a way, may take temporary
custody of these kids ON THEIR DIME! There is so many loving and kind
people out there that would treat these kids like the BLUE DIAMONDS they
are and it will not cost ANYONE a cent! So to all you foster care
people? tick tock, the gravy train ends in 2018!

Today's father is seen as nothing but (Sperm: makes the baby) (Dollar
sign: pays for the baby) and (Glorified babysitter, if he can afford to
pay to see them) MILLIONS of fathers in this country and the UK do not
see their children! I am a father of two girls one is 15 and the other
is 12. My ex wife and her family DICTATE to me (when I can see them)
even though THREE judges order my visitation in place and legal rights
enforced! So these two witches (and anyone that thinks that the wicked
witch of the West and East are dead)? You're wrong, they are very much
alive in Suffolk County! lol I mean every time they tell me I am going
to do something? My ex brother in law tells me I am going to do
something? My response has been for 15+ years GO F YOURSELVES!!! NO ONE
is going to control me! ANYONE watching my YT channel (trk387) you will
see this for yourself. I don't beg for what I should have I DEMAND it! I
invoke my rights under the law and my divorce agreement, and they write
this " You need to stop talking about the law, no one here cares about
that stuff around here " (NO they are not AMISH!) lol I CAN'T wait until
a federal judge sees this case. I ask to see my children and I am told "
it's what my ex wants to do " NO! It's what Chief Justice Jeffrey
Sunshine ORDERED her to do! SEE I keep myself CLEAN! No drugs, no
drinking, no pills, no depression, no doctors, no cigarettes, NOTHING! I
give these bastards not ONE reason to keep me away from my children! She
is doing the drugs I am taking the tests! lol Before 2018 I WILL bring a
movement upon this nation and world that will make the OWS thing look
like a few people sitting around a camp fire by comparison! The DAY of
the FATHER has come and when this movement is over, the dust has settled
and the smoke cleared, the feminist movement will have sponsors sitting
around that they even here another woman or anyone say " you can't see
your children " they will be the FIRST to grab that person by the mouth
and motion to the father " it's ok, don't listen to her she is drunk "
Go take your kid DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH THEM! That kind of EVISCERATION!
They say that REVENGE is a DISH best served COLD? Then mine will BE F
dry ice baby! That's what keeps me going, my REVENGE! I will SERVE
Justice down my ex's throat and her family in such a way they won't j
walk without fear in their hearts of breaking the law! TIME has been
STOLEN from every man and in 2018 if win I will GIVE IT BACK to them! I
will REDEEM their souls, hears, minds, MONEY! oh yeah we SUING everyone
baby! TRILLIONS of dollars in lawsuits!!! OUR civil rights have been
violated! We have the RIGHT to LIFE (if you are being kept from your
child then you are not living! you are praying for death 24-7! You sit
around thinking of ways to off yourself! Liberty? that has been RIPPED
from you as you have NO say in your kids life! Happiness? READ THE
HEREIN end of the lesson :( If you are not with your kids, you don't see
them, you are not happy you are MISERABLE! So there your civil rights
HAVE been violated! and I SWEAR by all that is HOLY I will make them
that are responsible so POOR that when they are washing car windshields
on the highway and someone gives them a dollar? OUR judgment sharks are
their to take our 90!

My first day in office I WRITE into LAW the FIFTY FIFTY ACT! Mothers and
fathers EQUAL before the system, the courts, society, and the law. I
remove family court judges from make any further decisions AFTER
divorce. There will be a SPECIAL court for these hearings. One that is
NEUTRAL and EMPATHETIC towards all who go before it. But, STRICT and
SWIFT to those that break the laws of this state. I will create a
special prison where offenders will be placed. The normal scheme of
things (child support, alimony) will be restructured... Watch any movie
and you will see a man FIGHTING to be a father! and the Mother telling
him he can't! Hollywood depicts this in all there movies because they
KNOW its wrong! That someone somewhere will see and DO something about
it! MILLIONS of fathers in this state go without seeing their children,
being a part of their lives, either (A) they are poor or (B) they are
involved with a VINDICTIVE ex that uses her vagina as her power to keep
the father away from HER kids! The key word is HER! That is how she
thinks, that is how it is, etc. You can't blame her though. She is a
child, and behaves like a child, and she will do what she is permitted
to do. I am about to SLAP that child's hand! Woman go through this too!
Kept from their children. NO ONE should be kept from their children
ever! Unless they are unfit and cannot be in the child's life. I have
felt the pain of missing my kids, being made to be AFRAID of a system
that was created to treat me like a person but treats me like a dog
s*it! and I could just imagine the pain these other dads and moms are
feeling. " TRUE empathy and fight ONLY Comes From Walking the Shoes "
Fathers are made to feel like they are nothing in their children's
lives, they have to be AFRAID to even call the home, or show up and see
their children! all on the threats of the woman calling her PERSONAL
storm troopers the POLICE. Funny though during the Eric Garner riots and
protests, when the NYPD set up their own protest (people that support
the police) not ONE person was on that side! Now if you ask me? Every
single ex wife should have been! But they USE the police and I will
BRING that to an end! In fact the NYPD will NO longer have jurisdiction
over these matters. SPECIAL agents will deal with them. Most of these
women USE the police not keep an abusers away from them, but to keep a
father away from his kids and that is BULLSHIT! So the women have the
VAWA I will create the HAMA! " Harassment Against Men Act " Crazy that
one has not been created as of yet. If I have my way? ALL divorced
parents WILL live within the SAME radius of ALL schools, etc. This way
BOTH parents can EQUALLY see and be in their children's lives, WITHOUT
disrupting the children's lives! Not fair to them you couldn't stay
married. I will also make getting divorced in the state of NY so
freaking hard! Maybe even put couples who want to get divorced on some
island some place lol If I knew now what I didn't know then? I would
have KILLED myself to stay married. I am suffering now, so what is the
difference? At least I would be in my children's lives 24-7! The lesser
of two sufferings.

Children's records: How many times you the visitor have tried to get
your children school records? Medical? ANY record? and you are told F/U!
I will create a CENTRAL data base that will HOLD all records for
children. That ALL schools, teachers, doctors, etc, MUST give these
records (and make sure they are updated) to CENTRAL. Then any PARENT who
wants information on their children can simply call this central office
and it will be provided. EACH parent will be given a special pass code
which will IDENTIFY them to the system. THIS is efficiency and it's the
RIGHT thing to do!

Any feminist or femen (Not the women that want equality, equal pay,
equal rights, the right to choose, etc) not these INNOCENT women, the
JACKALS who USE the system (family courts, law guardians, cps, acs,
police, schools, teachers, principles, doctors,) to KEEP men away from
their children or SEGREGATE them from their children. Or the FEMEN...
Men with balls so small they are in a little baggy in the purses of the
herein, who AID and ABET these women in their CRIMES against men! Men
that have come against their own brothers, who drop to knee and take
fish in the face in a heartbeat! The lowest form of men! You dicks! I
have a message for you! When you see me become the governor of this
state? LEAVE! RUN! There will be NO PLACE for you in MY NY! To the women
who keep men away from their children because they feel like it? I
DECLARE WAR on you! I will EVISCERATE your movement in such a way when
the dust settles and smoke clears, you will not EVEN utter the words "
you can't see or be a part of your children's lives "! and if you are
about to even think of saying those words? A FEMINIST sponsor will STOP
you! That is the WAR I am going to bring to you! How dare you! You may
see the day that YOU are KEPT from your children! YOU don't see them!
YOU don't know what they are doing! YOU don't have a clue where they
are! YOU are in for a RUDE RUDE WAKENING! LUKE 12-2! and ladies? I am
not like the other PUSSY advocates out there, I am REBEL, FIGHTER, I
will put you all in therapy! lol The bottom line is this: NO ONE SHOULD

The complete and total restructuring of EVERY single state agency, from
the ground up. EVERY single person who calls themselves a director,
commissioner, etc, TERMINATED! for CAUSE! I will not even let them file
for unemployment! In their hearing I will be there to contest it! In
their place, I will put commissioners who OMG have ACTUALLY suffered or
been PERSONALLY involved in the agency they will be running!
Commissioner of the OTDA? They will be on SNAP when I give them the job!
THIS is the FORMULA to bring change... You CUT out the cancer fully and
start again. You know why this state runs the way it does? Simple... The
MORONS who create policy and those policies fail, guess what? Instead of
finding NEW people with fresh ideas to run the agency or whatever, we
REAPPOINT the SAME idiots to bring change! Just RE-INTRODUCING the SAME
cancer in the NEW body, and what does cancer do? IT GROWS!

Facebook, reddit, snapchat, twitter, youtube, I will write into law the
" Child's Internet Safety Act " wherein ALL these herein sites will be
REQUIRED to make sure that ANY kid under the age of 18! Yeah I said it
18! must MODERATE what they place up on their sites. Pedophiles and
pimps such as Mark Zuckerberg have given our children a WEAPON, and that
weapon is to do whatever they want on their sites. Post any pictures
they want on THEIR sites! Children are children and will do what you let
them do if you let them do it. As a parent of two teenage daughters I
see it first hand, never mind the facebook pictures I see. Little kids
showing their ass, tits, and everything in between! all for the
entertainment of these sick pedophiles and molesters. That is why I say
M.Z. is the biggest pedophile pimp on the planet! He makes BILLIONS of
dollars on the SKIN our children! I PRAY to the Father up above that
violates the act, because I will SEE him behind bars! He is a DISGRACE
to this country and I want to throw up when I think of him! The act will
require that anyone under age who wants a facebook page, will sign up
properly WITH their parents permission! AND they WILL have their
passwords! That is such bullshit that parents do not have the passwords
of our children's WEAPONS so they can simply do what they want to do!
ENOUGH! ALL devices that a child has possession of the parents WILL have
their codes! Apple, etc, WILL be REQUIRED to make sure the parents HAVE
those codes! If the kids aren't doing anything bad? Then they shouldn't
care and I DON'T care! Really I don't! EVERY teenager in the state can
hate my guts, when they get older? they will THANK ME! for taking that
weapon out their hands. So Zuckerberg? You better get ready to hire a
MASS amount of people LOOK the new governor has already created
thousands of jobs!!! lol and Mark? I am going to LOBBY every single
governor in ALL the other states and THEY will PASS their own version of
this law! Your time of SELLING our children is over!

My fellow parents: We have LOST our parenting license! We have become
AFRAID of our own children! We PERMIT them to order us around, bully us,
command us, etc. Yesterdays kid: " Mom what's for dinner? " Mom: " FOOD!
" Todays kid: " What's for dinner? " Mom or dad " Well todays specials
are (and we go through this whole list as if we are waiters in a
restaurant)! " We have LOST our children to their NEW parents, facebook
and APPLE... and I say? ENOUGH! WE have created these MONSTERS! it's all
on us! In 2018 we TAKE BACK OUR KIDS!

sure you have like five big diesel brothers to hold you down when you
see them, because you are going to lose it! and its ALL compliments of
the KPP (King Pedophile Pimp) himself Mark Z! Your kids think they are
safe that no one can see their pages because their private? Sorry not
true. Your daughters site is viewable to every single FREAK on the
planet! and WILL be for DECADES to come!

I am going to write into law the (The TIME wasted act) this law will
MAKE sure that anything you buy will (A) come with proper customer
support, and (B) You will be COMPENSATED for your time! Your gas, your
life! These companies sell you a product and if the product is messed
up, you have to take your time and MONEY to get it straightened out!
That is BULLSHIT! I will hold every single merchant, company,
supermarket, etc to this act!

I will make sure that the false advertising laws in this state ARE
enforced! and will create a police force to deal with this. For two long
these companies do whatever, whenever, however, they choose, and that is
going to end! There pissed off employees take their miserable lives out
on us and I WILL hold these executives accountable for THEIR actions!
Its going to be like the 1940's and 50's up in this bitch again! If you
advertise something? You better make sure it is exactly what your
showing people!

permits all the pimps, pedophiles, prostitutes, feet fetish, naked
cleaning ladies, drug addicts, drug dealers, etc, to PLACE any ad at
will and they are NEVER flagged for violation of the precious rules and
KING GEORGE policies. All the while flagging, blocking, ghosting,
restricting, any citizen to place a LEGITIMATE AD with a legitimate
service or request. These ads are immediately blocked! and I say? " That
is BIAS and BULLSHIT! " If you are blocking one ad for violations of
your rules then you WILL block ALL ads for these violations. To do the
opposite is to HARASS and CONTROL people. Good decent people trying to
email ads their emails are blocked! You are writing emails to jobs,
sellers, buyers, whoever, and those emails NEVER see the light of day!
This STEALS time from the writer. It mentally and physically distresses
them out, WAITING for responses that will never come due to this sites
AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT! In fact if I have my way? There will be NO
craigslist in the state of NY! The state will create its own site,
BETTER than craigslist! and it will be ALL free! So to your COWARDS,
BABIES, pissed off at the world because you were bullied when you were
kids, craigslist staff, TICK TOCK you want to do business in the state
of NY? You better change! Or I swear I will SEE your bosses behind bars!
I will also lobby ALL other governors of this country to invoke and
enact the same laws here as in NY! I HATE this site! I hate its f/u
attitude " Oh we are craigslist we can do whatever we want " COME 2018
YOU CAN'T! As governor of this state I will shove my executive pen so
far up craigslist a** as it protrudes out its mouth, LATCHED on to the
pen will be its RED PAPER CLIP!

NO DRUGS POLICY: This state has become too lenient with drugs and its
usage. Our children are on drugs 24-7 and we smile about it. I AM NOT
SMILING! Now there is the synthetic marijuana out there that is making
people act like they are possessed! I will bring a NEW war on drugs and
I will WIN! I will tell you this. If you are a parent? NO DRUGS FOR YOU!
NO SMOKING FOR YOU! NO DRINKING FOR YOU! You will be a parent that is
sober and STRAIGHT! PERIOD! Don't like it? GTFO! I will lose all the
dregs but will gain the DECENT honest law abiding people to come live
here. It will be like the cell phone companies. You are with a carrier
and you owe money, or whatever, and the other carrier wants you to come
with them. So, they buy out your contract and it's done. My MAIN
priority as Governor of this state will be JOB 1 PROTECT AND SERVE THE
CHILDREN OF THIS STATE! and I will do it by any MEANS within my
authority and beyond! Animals are protected better than the children in
this state and that is sickening! The state of NY will do something it
should have done a long time ago... POLICE ITS CHILDREN! Because
children need to watched, need to be taken care of, and need to be
properly disciplined.

The full and restructuring of the states schools: Lincoln HS in NY is
one of the worst school with the worst grades in the state! and if any
kid needs to REMAIN in school it should be this place! But, kids can
simply STROLL out the doors! I will write into law or if I have too get
the whoever is mayor to write into law (The stay in school act) You go
into school you are on LOCK DOWN until you leave! In my day to cut class
you had to almost get killed dealing with big dogs. SCHOOL GUARDS at
every door patrolling, there was no way to leave! Todays kid simply
walks out! I will put that to an end! There is ONE HUNDRED MILLION
people unemployed in this country regardless of con you listen to. I
will give them the jobs and they can POLICE the schools!

No more bullying: I will eradicate this in the state of NY. I think if
we make the children happier in their lives they will not take it out on
other kids. It is the same example of going to a state agency. Pissed
off workers taking out their miserable lives on other people. I was
bullied as a kid, being born with a disability (one eye) will bring
that. But I didn't cry to my bullies, I made them LAUGH! I teased
myself! STOLE their power away from them! That is ALL a bully wants, is
your tears!

As for taxes, etc, and all that political crap, I will let the
lieutenant gov handle that! If they do something I do not like? I will
be the first to DIG in that a**!

DON'T think from what you read I am anti woman! I ADORE women! and if
you beat up, rape, torture, use, whatever, in my state? You are going to
be VERY VERY sorry! Gonna bring the LAW back to this state! If I can? I
will have a rapist penis cut 25% off! Brothers 50%! There is FOUR things
a man holds dear in this world, (children, cock, car, career,) mess with
any of these? and he will want you dead. If we start cutting cocks
shorter I think that will STOP rape in its tracks. You don't know me
people, King Henry the VIII would blush if he saw how I think. I don't
believe in empathy when it comes to evil sorry... I believe in either
(removing the evil) or correcting it. Cutting a man's penis shorter will
correct their evil when it comes to rape. I may even want to bring back
public hangings... If these murderers knew that if they are caught they
will be hanged at the neck until dead? I believe there will be a lot
less murdering. Being lead to a chair and given some nice needle to put
you to sleep maybe a tad scary, but KNOWING you are going to be hung?
Well... I could see it now, the piece of crap rapist is about to rape a
woman and she says " when they catch you they are going to cut your cock
off! " He will IMMEDIATELY say " Yo my bad sorry " and RUN! This state
is far too lenient with serious offenses and ridiculously strict on the
stupid crap. I will make the punishment FIT the crime.

The abolishment of the present prisons. Why do we send people to prison?
REHABILITATION! Prison is not supposed to be some vacation away from
home, and for MOST it is! Our prison system is no different than
outside. You have your drugs, sex, cigarettes, fighting, working out,
playing, games, TV, I will begin by TERMINATING every single person who
calls themselves commissioner or wardens of any prisons. If I have to I
will seek the AID of the mayor whoever that may be. Like I said, I don't
know what I am doing here. I don't know what powers I will have. I do
know some of the stuff I mentioned here I CAN do! NO... prison is
supposed to be a place of reflection, remorse, not a place you are
willing to go back to! I will make prison a place you will NEVER want to
go back to! There will be NO MORE SEX! NO MORE DRUGS! NO MORE
CIGARETTES! no freaking fun of any kind! SIT in your cell and REFLECT on
what you did! Is the person you raped having fun? Is the person you
murdered having fun? Is the person you robbed having fun? Is the child
you molested having fun? THEN WHY SHOULD YOU!??? and to all the bleeding
heart liberals out there? Who feel maybe this is to harsh? WGAF! I
don't! lol I am going to the WYATT EARP of this state! IT ALL ENDS 2018!

state you will be treated with the utmost care and service! and if these
state employees don't like it? QUIT! I can find a HUNDRED PLUS million
people that would LOVE to have your jobs! AND they won't be MISERABLE
doing them! Where is it written that because a person works for the
state they can treat its citizens any damn way they choose! ENOUGH! In
my NYS you will walk into a DMV and be treated like ROYALTY! instead of
a peasant! A smoking hot hostess at the door with sandwiches and drink!
Cable TV on the monitors! and PLEASANT and EMPATHETIC state agents. I
will restructure the DRIVING EXAMINER policies. How? TERMINATE all the
examiners! lol! Oh yeah baby we FIRING EVERYONE! There will be so many
PINK SLIPS issued in this bitch come 2018 if you put them all together
in a pile they can be seen from space! In its place friendly, kind,
sweet, NICE, people will take over these positions. How can you expect
someone to pass a test with a PRICK or BITCH instructing them? To teach
is educate, to demean is to fuel your own self gratification. ANYONE who
wishes to educate will do it with patience, empathy, compassion, anyone
who seeks to demean, oppress, harass, is NOT teaching they are being a
DICK! period. So all you state workers who are pissed off 24-7? I AM
going to give you something to REALLY complain about!

Well this is who I am, what I am about, what I want to do, and I can not
be moved. You think Trump is outspoken? HE STOLE THAT STYLE FROM ME! lol
They all stole my style from my YT channel trk387 and I can prove it. I
sent them my videos! Before me Jon Stewart never cursed, after I began
sending him my videos, every other word out of the man's mouth was F
this and F that!

I never wanted to be governor, senator, whatever, no designs at all. I
want to be a sketch comedian, have my own show, advocate the injustices
that WE THE PEOPLE suffer on a daily basis. However, God wants me to be
the Governor of this state. He has SEEN the evil and he KNOWS I will
bring it to an end. That is why I have been made to suffer these
injustices so I would have the HARD ON to change them!

Anyone wants to see what I am about? Here is my twitter page... Have fun!

Remember: " True FIGHT and EMPATHY Only Comes From Walking The Shoes "

PS: If you want to educate me? Give me some advise? DO IT in an
educational way not demeaning, or degrading. That's all I ask... †

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